Actress Rima Kallingal said that she disagrees with the opinion of her colleagues Mamtha Mohandas and Shweta Menon with regard to the harassments confronted by women in cinema. Rima expressed her opinion in an interview given to the November issue of Star and Style magazine.

“Our star actresses Mamtha, Shweta, Miya and Namitha said that they have never had any sort of negative experiences from film sector, so that there is no need of an organization. Even I have never experienced anything bad in the field. But we are standing up to prevent such incidents,” said Rima.

“The sex scandal against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein is an example. The voices raised by individuals at different times at different places have been combined into a single powerful voice of protest. The same thing happened here. Silence is the problem. When people speak together, it is of more value."

Referring to the actress attack case, she said "we were already convinced that an organization like Women Collective was inevitable. We have demanded individually for such an organization many times before. In a situation, we felt that these voices should be united. Now the power of that voice is beyond expectations,” Rima said.

“We are not afraid that there wouldn’t be anyone with her. We only feel sympathy for those who do not support her, because they don’t recognize the truth. Only a minority shouted slogans and distributed sweets in front of the jail. A thousand times more people are still with us. We can understand their support while attending public events. Not only women, but men also are with us, with her,” she said.

(Read the full version of the interview in Star and Style)