MadhupalWe are living in a situation when anyone can become the accused. I am trying to tell the story of this moment,” Madhupal briefly described ‘Oru Kuprasidha Payyan’ his upcoming directorial venture featuring Tovino Thomas in lead role.

Madhupal has a lot of expectations when he is all set for his next movie after ‘Ozhimuri’ and ‘Thalappavu’. He is sharing his views on the movie which will hit the theatres soon.

The name of the movie gives a lot of hints. There will be several people to accuse an individual who doesn’t have anyone to talk for him. Everyone will seal him as convicted with a prejudiced mind. The story is set on the backdrop of the current period when there is no trust among people.

How is Tovino’s role presented?

The protagonist Ajayan has two kinds of personalities. Sometimes he is a courageous person. At times, he is so reserved. I felt that Tovino was the most suitable person to depict a character who fears nothing, at the same time is scared of certain things.

About the female characters in the movie

Nimisha Sajayan and Anu Sithara are playing the female leads. Nimisha plays the character of Hanna Elizabeth who tries to do everything well. Such women would have to face several challenges in our society. Hanna is a woman of the new generation. Anu Sithara has the role of Jalaja who works in a hotel. She is willing to face any problem that arise in her life.

Expectations about other characters

I am happy that I got actors who are suitable for the characters. Adv. Santhosh played by Nedumudi Venu and librarian Bharathan played by Siddique are all in-depth characters. Apart from Sudheer Karamana, Sujith Shankar, Balu Varghese, Alancier and Dileesh Pothan, producer Suresh Kumar is also acting in a prominent role.

After 'Ozhimuri' and 'Thalappavu', you are making ‘Oru Kuprasidha Payyan’. Why did you choose such a title?

‘Ozhimuri’ and ‘Thalappavu’ had said stories of the bygone days. But, 'Oru Kuprasidha Payyan' is the story of this day. Truth and lies exist in this moment. Several unknown events happen around us. I am trying to present a more common issue this time when compared to the early films. I hope that the title is apt as the hero is the one who open ups on everything without any inhibition.