You retreated from the main stream cinema for a period. Were you deliberately taking a break from film?

I was in Bengaluru, after leaving the movie industry. Then I moved to the US. After marriage and children, I moved to the family setup. I lost all world contacts and got immersed in my own world.

You have faced many unexpected situations in life…

I never planned anything in life. Everything just happened surprisingly. My entry into the film industry too was fortuitous. I use to participate in dance and dramas at school. Seeing my photos in the Tamil daily newspaper ‘Dina Thanthi’, Bharathettan called me. At the same time, I was offered Bharathi Vasu’s ‘Panneer Pushpangal’. So I was debuted in Malayalam and Tamil at the same time.

Your marriage with Sreenath was at a time when your carrier was at peak. Do you think that was too soon?

Absolutely. I was only 19. At present you can’t even think of a marriage at 19. But it just happened. We went to Madathumpadi, a country side village after marriage. I was born and brought up in Mumbai but adjusted to the rural life. We were in a home setup where there was no gas stove and had to cook in the traditional cook stove.

Why do you think many of your decisions about life went wrong?

I always hear my heart and take decisions. I think, if I had analysed and planned everything may be the situation would have changed. But I am an emotional person. I can only think with my heart. Nothing came right in my personal life. The only blessing is my children. They are my strength. In US, we were alone after my husband left. My children are my biggest support. Even my ex-father-in-law supports me in the present situation. I have a warm relationship with that family.