Meghna Vincent.  Photo: Facebook/Meghnaonline

The character Amrutha of the TV serial ‘Chandanmazha’ helped Meghna Vincent to find a niche in the hearts of Malayali audience. Meghna have been on a short break since her marriage, but has now returned grandly with a new character ‘Karthika’ in another serial. She is also the winner of Thikkurrissi Foundation Television award for the best actress. Let’s see what she wants to share with us…

Thikkurrissi Foundation Television award for the best actress

I’m extremely happy. It’s indeed a recognition for me. An award is a great appreciation for our hard work as an artist. This achievement also makes my dear and near ones happy.

About ‘Karthika’ in Mamankam

Presently, I’m working in the serial ‘Mamankam’ directed by Krishnamurthy sir telecast in Flowers channel. I’m playing the lead role Karthika in the serial. It is about a college girl who is family attached, friendly and romantic too.

Transition from Amrutha to Karthika

I acted even as a mother of a young child. But the new character is an entirely different one. Amrutha was a matured character. But I don’t discriminate between the characters given to me, based on their age and maturity. I always try to do my characters with maximum perfection and dedication.

Amrutha’s costumes as celebrated as her role

My costumes for Chandanamazha were selected by my mother. She is the one who choose all my dresses and ornaments. After marriage, my entire family helps me to choose the costumes.

Meghna Vincent.  Photo: Facebook/Meghnaonline

Amrutha’s nature in real life

Actually, people around me should tell what my nature is. Whatsoever, I’m not so docile as Amrutha. I’m not as patient as she is. Neither am I crooked as Varsha. I’m an ordinary girl, who is deeply family attached and family dependent.

Dancing with acting

I manage to practice dance along with acting. I started learning dance at the age of four. My debut performance was when I was 6. I learned Bharatanatyam first, then moved to Mohiniyattam, folk, cinematic varieties. Still I participate in classical shows and award nights.

Entry to acting

I entered acting field through dance. I had acted in a movie titled ‘Krishnapakshakkilikal’ during my childhood, but came to serials after Plus Two. Once T. A. Saji sir happened to watch my performance on a stage show and asked my mother whether I was interested to act in a serial. That’s how I acted in the serial ‘Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa’.

Then I worked with serials like ‘Autograph’, ‘Indira’ and ‘Parinayam’, and a Tamil movie ‘Kayal’, and some reality shows as well. I committed ‘Chandanamazha’ after working in almost 100 episodes of the Tamil serial ‘Daivam Thantha Veedu’. That was a career break for me.

Experience with legends

I have acted with Madhu sir, and other senior artists like Sudha Chandran, Sulakshana, and T. R. Omana. For me, all these give more happiness than any award. All of them were great experiences. They have also given me many advices.

Homely girl for fans

Everybody treats me as if I were a girl of their home. They receive me and share their happiness and love with me in the same way. I feel extremely happy, because not everyone is fortunate to get this affection. We can never forcefully grab love from anyone. When I hear that people love me very much and they pray for me and the like, naturally I feel very glad.

Meghna Vincent and Dimple Rose.  Photo: Facebook/Meghnaonline

Career after marriage

I don’t feel any difference, because I have joined such a nice family. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel burdened after marriage. Don chettan (her husband) and family are very supportive. They know very well about this field. They suggest corrections like this was good, that scene could have been made better and similar things.

Cooking at home

Mommy and I cook everything when we are at home. I am not an expert cook, but manage to cook almost good.

Dimple and I – Sweethearts of family

I don’t know what to say about Dimple. I think the best gift for a girl in her life is her husband and family. As a friend, Dimple gave me all this. I’m grateful to her from the bottom of my heart.

meghna and don
Meghna and Don. Photo: Facebook/Meghnaonline

We used to host a reality show together. I have heard Dimple and her brother Don talking over phone, in a very caring tone. She used to keep telling that everything she had were bought by her brother, that too very sweetly. Then I would reply that you are lucky to have such a loving brother. Now she tells me the same thing, “Pinky, you have got such a good husband”. (Meghna’s real name is Pinky).

We can share all of our feelings to a very close friend only. Dimple is such a close friend for me, and I’m one for her too. Very friendly sisters-in law and the sweethearts of the family, that’s what we are.

The God’s gift

Don chettan is a very caring husband. He gives a lot of surprises to me. More than a husband, he is a good friend of mine. Sometimes, he looks after me like a baby. He is the God’s gift to me.