vinayakVinayakan has been embossed as the face of the quotation goonda in the Mollywood film scene. But this cult Kochi dude is resilient and retains the real essence of a simple man in everything about him. Now, he has also been selected as the best actor in Kerala.

Around forty movies across Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. Scores of fans in the social media scene and otherwise. Yet, no one manages to catch hold of the elusive man you are.

I am a regular Kochi man and I talk a lot. Being accessible may land me in trouble as I may just blabber something on some channel show kicking up an unwanted controversy.

Not just an actor, you have also become a music composer with Kammattipadam.  

I composed the music for a melody in Kammattippadam. The simple hummable melody was truly a dream come true for me, being totally untrained in classical music.

When did you realize you were a film actor?

My first role was a small appearance in Thampy Kannanthan's 'Manthrikam'. After that I wanted to leave films completely. I prefer dance and music over cinema any day, but with time I have got locked into movies. Cinema is no big deal for me anyway, but this is my job and I will give it my hundred percent. This is also the only job I know.

You have been doing negative roles form the beginning of your career? Are you really a negative character?

Not at all. I have been just relegated into it because my looks go better with such roles(laughing). But such roles are interesting as they give me immense scope to explore acting beyond the confines of a positive character. I believe this also helps me bond with the viewers better.

Do you do homeworks before a role?

In that case Mamootty Sir must have had to go to sites to prepare for Amaram and Rajamaikyam. The prowess is his observation. I do not do any homework, I just learn my dialogues very well when they are given.

I was very annoyed seeing your attitude when I first approached you for an interview.

I have two prominent qualities (laughs). One is intense jealousy.


..of everyone. I am also very arrogant. I keep these two qualities very live in me and that is the reason why you are interviewing me today.  I also see a very positive quality in my jealousy. I try to reach up to whatever is making me jealous. If others think I am jealous of them, I mark a victory right then.


If it was somebody else, you would have been ripped by the viewers. But Vinayakan gets away with the game even then

I don’t let myself be caught, that’s the reason.

What would you prefer, to work in your friend's movies or otherwise?

My preference anyday is to work in other's movies. I work in movies for money and am very professional in my approach. It was while acting in friends' movies that I mostly got into trouble. It is difficult to say no. I am ready to work for money, for whoever is ready to pay for it.

Is cinema just money, is it not art too?

For art there are other actors, I am not the one. I need money and I am focused on acting in movies that entertain viewers and have no plans of becoming an intellectual. My life was mostly shot in dark scenes for that matter, money matters.

Why do you rebel so much?

Maybe that’s got to do with how I grew up (with his eyes strolling away to a distance). I mostly spend my time indoors, that’s what I like doing. What is there to see outside, what is there to talk?

I like living within my own confines.

How did such a confined man earn such love from viewers?

I don’t know for sure. Once during a shoot, Tamil actor Dhanush told me, "Vinayakan, there are many many actors like us who are not handsome, many many of them". Maybe there are viewers also who share that feeling. Probably I am their representative.

What do you like more, movies or dance?

I am cent percent inclined towards music. Music and dance holds my life. It was the dream of becoming a choreographer that brought me to movies.

What was it, hard work or luck?

Keep going towards your dream. There will be people ahead of you, but someday they will drop out from some project because they were too busy and your chance will come, but keep going, if you stop, you are left out.