Aathira Krishnan, Manju Warrier’s daughter in the movie Udaharanam Sujatha has won the hearts of the audience. The character of Aathira who is an adamant and short-tempered girl was played by Anaswara Rajan, a Kannur native.

Like Manju Warrier, Anaswara also made a signature performance in the movie. Anaswara is a 9th standard student in Payyanur St. Mary’s High School. Anaswara, who made the audience tearful has shared her experience with Mathrubhumi.com

Entry to the film industry

I made my debut with Udaharanam Sujatha through audition. Our family friend director Liju Thomas, director of the movie ‘Kavi Udesichathu’ showed me the advertisement of the audition. I had sent my photograph and they selected me also in the 60 candidates called for the final audition. Finally, I got selected.

Photo:Pushpajan Thaliparambu

Experience before camera

I used to perform mono act, skits, and plays in programmes. I have acted in a short film directed by Ratheesh who is the makeup man of Dulquer Salman. When I went for the audition, I too had camera fear but director Ratheesh guided me on how to face the camera.

Manju Warrier, the jovial person

I am really fortunate to meet Manju Warrier. She was always ready to clear my doubts. We always see her with a pleasant face and it gives an instant positive energy. She always shares jokes at sets.

Manju’s gift a treasure in my life

Manju Chechi presented me ‘Neermathalam Poothakalam’ a book written by Madhavikutty. She has written ‘Best wishes to Anaswara from Aami’ on the book. I keep the book as a treasure in my life.

Last day of shooting

I was very irritated when the film unit was all set to pack up on the final day. We were like a family and I found it very hard to leave the set. Finally, I broke into tears while leaving the location.

Photo:Pushpajan Thaliparambu

About the climax scene

The shooting of climax scene is an unforgettable one. I was very tensed about the emotional scene. Director asked me to stay silent for a whole day prior to the shooting day to take me to the mood of the scene. Manju Chechi held my hand and encouraged me a lot. Director Phantom Praveen and producer Martin appreciated me when I performed well in the third take of the scene. “Well done dear...! ” they hugged me and said.

Phantom Praveen – the super cool director

I was not scolded much during shooting but one scene landed me into trouble as it was not getting perfect after many takes. Director Phantom asked me to be serious and do well. His words had a bit angry tone. So I was very sad and I skipped my lunch. But he consoled me and I got relaxed.

I had problems while shooting another scene and I got upset. “Sorry, I don’t think I can do it”, I said to the director.

“Hey… only you can do it. We will shoot the scene tomorrow and I am sure you will make it perfect in the first take itself,” he replied and encouraged me.

The Angry Girl

I was directed to sit alone and keep mum prior to the shooting of angry scenes. So I found it as a hard task as I have been very friendly with the students at the school. I can’t keep silent and I enjoyed the days with the students. I have been scolded for it. But everyone in the set was a great support.

Change in life after Udaharanam Sujatha

My life changed a lot after the release of Udaharanam Sujatha.  I am very busy with inaugurations, felicitations and so on. But I am not so proud of it. Many people have appreciated the movie.

Now, I am a little star at school. Friends are my great support.

Movie for students

As the movie is dedicated to students, students at my school were taken to watch the movie. Everyone was waiting to watch such a movie. For the first time in my life, I enjoyed the tears of my schoolmates. I was very happy with my contribution in the movie.

My friends told me that they found no difference in Athira and Anaswara.

Photo:Pushpajan Thaliparambu

Never dreamt of being a film actress

I had never dreamt of making an entry to the film industry. We are living in a village and my family has no connection with the industry. I have a small family including father, mother and an elder sister.

I was lucky to have an opportunity in Udaharanam Sujatha.

That shocking moment

My brother and sister’s friends thought that I will definitely get selected in the audition. I was not very hopeful when I reached for the audition. They made me act in three scenes and after one week I got the shocking message ‘You are selected’. I got startled after hearing it. My sister was so thrilled and there was a celebration mode in our home.

Fight with mom

I used to fight with my mother. But I don’t hurt mother like Aathira Krishnan in Udaharanam Sujatha. I am also little adamant and quarrelsome.  We always fight when mother makes me wake up early morning by sprinkling water at my face.

Though I am not a studious one, I get better marks in school.

Family’s response

We watched the movie at Ernakulam. My mother was crying after the climax. She told me that she never expected so much about my performance. She also found similarities with me and Aathira’s character.

“You are something great dear,” said my sister.

Photo:Pushpajan Thaliparambu

I am a chatterbox

I love to talk a lot. Friends used to tease me by asking me to keep mum at least while having food.

My dream role with Dulquer

I am a great fan of Dulquer Salman. Charlie is my favourite movie. My greatest dream in life is to share screen space with Dulquer. I just wish to have a glimpse of him if I won’t get a chance to act with him.