It’s been only two weeks since actress Samyuktha Varma’s Yoga postures went viral on social media. But, she has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years, and advanced level yoga for 4 years.

‘The pictures taken when I was a student of Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala are being circulated on the social media now. I’m not active on FB and WhatsApp. So I came to know about the photos on internet when somebody told me about it.  None of the photos were posted by me,’ said Samyuktha. She has no idea about how the photos got leaked.

Samyuktha is a certified yoga instructor. She completed the instructor course 7 years ago. Moreover, she had completed a teachers’ training course from Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala. ‘I don’t personally feel that I have the knowledge and wisdom to teach yoga authentically. Bijuvettan (actor Biju Menon, her husband) always encourages me to teach yoga, and offers me to get the facilities to teach yoga professionally. Maybe in future, I will acquire the confidence to do that’, she added.

Nevertheless, her husband Biju Menon has not learned yoga yet. He does walking, swimming, badminton, stretching exercises and such basic fitness activities regularly, though not in the form of exercise, says Samyuktha.

Fitness is not the sole target of practicing yoga for Samyuktha. It is a passion for her. ‘Since I started practicing Yoga, my craving for food was reduced. So I eat less, but enjoy what I eat. I take even sweets and ghee. Not many forms of exercises allow this diet. So, I don’t feel guilty at all. We can continue our diet habits in yoga.’ She was asthmatic a little before. But yoga cured her breathing troubles and hormonal imbalances.

Samyuktha’s yoga routine starts at 5 in the morning. She completes her yoga session and meditation before her son Daksh, a class 6 student, wakes up. she learned the deeper level yoga from Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala. The practice of yoga was a divine activity there, which helps to eliminate the ego in oneself.

‘Nobody in the Yoga Shala knew that I was an actress. I went there as a housewife who wanted to learn yoga. When a Malayali girl recognized me, I told her not to tell anybody. Majority of the students there were foreigners.’

Samyuktha wishes to complete TTC in Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga, and also to learn Therapy yoga. But she does not want to stay away from home thinking of her school going son and actor husband. The same thought made her limit her identity to a ‘housewife’, despite being a two-time winner of the state award for the best actress.