Deepti Sati landed in Kochi on a rainy day. She was tensed on cancellation of her flight due to bad weather. But she looked very pleasant.

Highlights of the interview with Deepti Sati during a photoshoot.

You acted in Mammootty’s `Pullikkaran stara' and Dulquer’s 'Solo'. Do you find any difference between these two actors?

We always feel there is no difference at a glance. But they are unique in their own way. Both of them are best actors and they are well disciplined in their life. I met Mammookka for the first time at the location. I was very tensed but he was very friendly to me.  I missed my dialogues many times but he helped me in such situations. Dulquer is a very simple person and he is very free to interact. He talked me about his new-born baby and he is such a humble person.

Do you think censor board is clamping down on creativity by deleting scenes from movies?

Creativity should not be censored. Children will watch movies with ‘U” certificate and ‘A’ certificate films should not be screened for them. Some movies demand such scenes but these scenes should not be included to make controversy and to be placed in headlines.

People who have a different opinion on a subject are killed today. Don’t you think to respond to such things?

We live in a democratic country. Everyone has the right to share their opinion. I can’t accept attacking and killing people. Nobody should be killed for raising voice against someone. As an artist, I think I can do many things for the society. People who are popular in society should be good role models for the public.

Do you feel insecure after the actress abduction and attack case in the Malayalam film industry?

The incident was the most hurting one for a woman. We can cure a physical attack but it takes more time to recover mentally. I support the actress. There is no need to express sympathy for her because she is a strong woman.

Kerala police is doing a great job. We should give a big salute to them. Of course, I do feel insecure after the incident. My parents were also tensed.

Only one actress came forward and registered the case. There will be many unreported incidents. Formation of Women in Cinema Collective is a progressive movement. Now, women have a passion to fight for justice.