All of us know that Bollywood actress Sridevi was the first to be approached for the role of queen mother ‘Sivagami’ in the movie Baahubali.

She, however, did not take up the role following difference of opinion with the makers of Baahubali over her remuneration.

After the reports about this came out, Sridevi has continuously been asked a single question: Why did you refuse Baahubali? Most of the times, she evaded the question, but this time, she reacted.

Speaking at a recent promotional event for her upcoming film ‘MOM’, Sridevi said “the movie has been made. Somebody else did the role. The second part is also been made and it is doing well in the theatres. After all this, is there anything to talk about it.”

Recently, Baahubali director Rajamouli had remarked that he felt “lucky” that Sridevi had rejected the offer to play Sivagami's role.