Actress and TV anchor Amala Rose Kurien has warned against some fraudsters using her name and photographs for trapping young people and families with marriage proposals.

In a Facebook post, Amala said though she had filed complaint with the police, the issue has not been resolved.

“Here women are falling victims to cybercrimes one by one. Last January, it came to my notice that another girl registered in Kerala Matrimony using my photographs. Also, user accounts were created in IMO, WhatsApp and Facebook using my name and photographs and love requests and marriage proposals were sent to numerous people through this,” Amala wrote.

“After I came to know that many young men are being cheated like this, I approached the Cyber Cell. The police traced the WhatsApp number to two nursing students from Coimbatore. However, no further steps were taken,” she added.

Amala said since she felt there is no use in filing police complaints, she wanted to share this message with as many people possible. “There fake IDs used three names –Nikhitha, Nimmi, Thumpi. If anyone approaches you with these names with my photographs, please be alert and do not fall prey to such fraudsters,” the actress wrote.

  1. I have only this Facebook account   
  2. I have only one WhatsApp number which is with my close friends
  3. I don’t have an IMO account
  4. I have not registered in any Matrimonial websites
  5. And I am not planning to get married now