Young actor Namitha Pramod has migrated to Telugu, completing two movies starring alongside mainstream young heroes of the Telugu industry. Mathrubhumi caught up with the young sensation while she was at home for Onam. 

"Acting in Telugu movies was never in the picture. But it just happened. Unlike us Malayalis, the Telugu movie fraternity is up to date with the Malayalam films. Director  Virbhadra Chowdhary had watched all my movies and came down to the sets of 'Adi Kapyare Koottamani' at Trivandrum with the script. The story line was interesting and they accepted my terms on costumes, that’s how it got rolling."

You were shining in the Malayalam industry with not a single flop anywhere, and now you are migrating. will this not affect your career in Mollywood? What about the opportunities here?

Of course, I was missing my mother, sister, malayalam, sambhar, aviyal..I am a chatterbox and sought solace in taking all my helps along with me. The first movie was Choottalabhai, starring Adi. The night before the shoot, the Asst. Director came to the room with the script. Gave me four pages of the jalebi like telugu script and asked me to by-heart four pages. I realized there is no dialogue prompting in Telugu. Honestly, I even thought of running away returning my advance.

My father asked me to go ahead and face the challenge. In two days, I could understand what they were talking. And soon I was delivering dialogues, sometimes to rapturous laughter at the set. I wonder what all I must have said!

Anyway, soon I was told I am better than Shruti Hasan in the dialogue scene and that was some solace. It was during the shoot that the offer for the next movie, Kathalarajakumari by Nara Rohit came. It attracted me with its heroine centric story and that too got going.

It is a large industry, always in a festive mood. I should admit I have been sloppy with attendance at the parties.

Namitha Pramod
Photo: Saran Nair

Any homeworks for Telugu?

I am a die-hard fan of Allu Arjun and had watched most of his movies. The characters and acting needs some pomp here.

How did Telugu treat you?

The Telugus say I resemble the late actress Soundarya. It was during her peak in the Telugu industry that she was killed in a copter crash. The face is a nostalgia for them and that has been showing in the way they treat me. They are also of the opinion that Malayali actors are a step ahead in acting skills.

Namitha Pramod
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