He has been termed as rude and arrogant from the day he made his debut in film industry. He had the courage to say ‘NO’ whenever he finds something against his views and declare his strong decisions publicly without any hesitation. Prithviraj as an actor and person is a one-man army and the recent news reports prove the fact.

He began the conversation on a happy note for achieving Tamil Nadu State Award for best villain. He talks everything precisely but to the point and never exaggerates. He is hopeful about the upcoming projects and is a perfect family man when he starts to talk about his family. He knows well when to cut his words while replying to a controversial subject.

Prithviraj who is a jack of all trades makes his achievements as an actor, director and producer in the film industry.

“I am not against anyone. I’m just moving towards my way. My views and decisions on film are very personal. When I said I oppose anti-feminist movies, I did not mean that such scenes should not be made in films. If the story demands, such a scene should be portrayed. I won’t associate with any films which propagate anti-feminist ideas. I am not asking anyone to accept my decision,” he said.

About Onam release Adam Joan and character

pthiAdam Joan is not a star vehicle movie which shows the heroism of the main character. The hero is a planter near Mundakkayam. The story develops on the character and hence the film gets the character’s name. It is an emotional family movie. It portrays Adam Joan’s life who was forced to repay for a mistake which he committed in the past. The movie is a thriller and suspense thriller. The story of the movie was developed through a small news when he was in Scotland for a shooting.

“I think I am lucky to have projects from great directors right from my debut. Though many films were a failure in box office, many great directors and writers selected me for their movies. I can easily work with a film if I like the story. I can work according to the expectation of a new director’s film. I am happy if I will be able to get films like this.”

Tiyan a failure

“Tiyan was not a huge success in the theatres. I make my own conclusions when a film fails or is a box office. The audience will not like some movies which we expect more. There were arguments on the character named Assam Muhammad in Tiyan. But the movie was a dream project of the director.”

He dismissed that personal life of actors would affect the films.

Upcoming projects

His upcoming projects are Ranam directed by Nirmal Sahadev and a movie directed by Anjali Menon. After these projects, he will start work of on ‘Aadujeevitham’, ‘Luciifer’ and ‘Veluthambidalava’.

“Murali Gopi told the story thread of the movie starring Mohanlal. When I asked about the director, he told me that if I wish I can do the project,” said Prithviraj about Lucifer.

‘Aadujeevitham’ demands a physical makeover from the actor. Veluthambidalava is an old project. Viji Thampi shared the idea with me. Ranji Panicker is doing the script work and he has made a lot of research for it,” he said.

Talking about the trollers in social media about his English, he responded that he never writes anything which is difficult to understand. He appreciated some trolls as brilliant ones and he enjoyed humour in the trolls. He welcomed the trollers with a note that he will continue his posts to encourage their trolls.