Every year, this time of the year witnesses car manufacturers announcing price hikes across their model range for the subsequent year. This year is no different Honda has just announced a price hike of about 1-2 per cent across its entire product line up from January 2018 onwards. Honda has claimed that this price hike is a result of a sudden increase in input material costs.

As a result of the hike, the cost of Honda’s complete line up will go up by Rs 25,000. Honda currently offers eight vehicles in its product portfolio. Current prices of these cars are as follows. 




Rs 4.66 lakh - Rs 6.74 lakh


Rs 5.50 lakh - Rs 8.40 lakh


Rs 5.89 lakh - Rs 9.19 lakh


Rs 7.66 lakh - Rs 9.91 lakh


Rs 8.58 lakh - Rs 13.62 lakh


Rs 9.05 lakh - Rs 13.22 lakh


Rs 24.07 lakh - Rs 26.36 lakh

Accord Hybrid

Rs 43.27 lakh

Honda is the third manufacturer to announce the price hike, after Skoda and Isuzu. A few weeks back, the Czech manufacturer announced a price hike of about 2-3 percent across its entire model range from January 1, 2018. On the other hand, Isuzu announced a price hike of about 3-4 per cent across its entire model range from next month onwards. 

Credits: cardekho.com