Kalpetta: Decline in production has led to a steep rise in the prices of small onions. One kilogram of small onion costs Rs 140 to 200 in retail market, whereas it is being sold for Rs 120 to 180 in wholesale market.

A new stock of small onion which cost up to Rs 180 has reached markets in Kerala on Monday. Meanwhile, the customers and vendors are not satisfied with its quality. Price of small onions has reached an all-time high price within a week.

High price has already dampened the demand for small onion.

Usually, vendors in Wayanad purchase small onion from Gundalpet. It has been reported that decline in rainfall and disease affected the production of small onion at Gundalpet.

Thus, it led to shortage in supply and a sudden increase in price.

According to reports, the price of small onion will come under control after new stock arrives from Mysore next Monday. 

But high price of small onion will continue till the old stock are sold out completely.

Unexpected price hike of small onions has affected the sales. Vendors complained that low quality onions are being supplied in high price. Thus the sale of small onions incur loss to the vendors.

Meanwhile, onion is being sold out in the price range of Rs 50-54 per kilo.

Price of drumstick has also increased from Rs 80 to Rs 180 within a week. According to vendors, the price of vegetables will remain high owing to Sabarimala pilgrimage season.