luxury expoKochi: The city of Cochin is getting ready to host first of its kind one-stop-shop for luxury brands at “Mathrubhumi The Indian Luxury Expo” on December 8th & 9th at Bolgatty event centre from 11am – 8 pm. 

The two-day event will showcase some of the most prominent brands like Aston Martin, Ducati, BMW4, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Precia TBZ. and many more that will cater to Kerala’s elite and discerning target audience.

The expo will be one of the most prominent properties of its kind creating a truly luxurious experience in Kerala. The high networth customers are welcomed ‘by invitation’ gathering 2000 plus delegates each day comprising of celebrities, industry experts, marketers, bureaucrats, corporates, luxury brand owners, and connoisseurs.

With the objective of enabling emerging markets like Kerala to understand and apply the essentials in developing sustainable luxury brands and lifestyle, the expo hosts interactive sessions by renowned industry professionals like Bose Krishnamachari on the socio – economic cultural impact of KochiMunziris Biennale, Mitrajit Bhattacharya – on buying collectible watches and Dinesh Vazirani – on art, aesthetics & auctions. To entertain the invited guests is also a fashion show featuring multiple designers.

The products on display can be purchased and all major credit & debit cards are accepted.

Mr Kamal Krishnan PS, National Head, Integrated Media Solutions, The Mathrubhumi Group said “Kerala is one of the fastest growing emerging markets for Luxury brands. This is well known to the luxury automobile brands like BMW, Lexus, Porche as Kerala is one of the highest performing markets for them. The high network and luxury consumers of Kerala, today travel outside the state or abroad to indulge with various luxury brands and experiences. Mathrubhumi the Indian Luxury Expo aims to bridge this gap by creating a market place for many more luxury brands across categories and Keralites who indulge in these to meet under the same roof in Kerala.”

About Mathrubhumi Group

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About The Luxury Expo

The Indian Luxury Expo brings leading luxury brands across 20 lifestyle segments to an elite and discerning target audience. A plush, three-day affair, the black, white and grey dress theme is in conjunction with a perfect setting that measures and breathes luxury. Every single component associated with the expo is magnificent. The evenings are lavishly designed and are a homogeneous mix of sumptuous food, highly entertaining stand-up comedy, plays, live music and champagne. Guests visiting the show are invited via personal invitation. These clients are carefully selected by members of advisory board (an amalgamation of 30 experts) as well as our luxury partner’s portfolios and databases. The inaugural expo hosted in Hyderabad showcased 50 brands that cut across various segments. The expo aims to explore the luxury segments in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh and Coimbatore in the coming years.

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