Edakara: With Christmas around the corner, shops have started the sale with a grand collection of Christmas gifts and decorative items. Christmas stars named ‘Jimikki Kammal' is the major attraction in the market.

Over 15 latest model stars are available in the market.

Jimikki Kammal is available in 12 different colours, including gold and silver. This star is made of Chinese colour papers. The special feature of the star is a longer part compared to other parts.

Customers are largely purchasing stars named after movies like Bahubali, Velipadinte Pusthakam and Punyalan. These colourful stars attract customers to shops.

Christmas stars are being bought from Kollam and Ernakulam. Stars cost from Rs 100 to Rs 350.

Like previous years, LED Christmas stars have great demand in the market.

Christmas crib is available with a starting price of Rs 200. It is collected from Madurai to Kerala.

The cost of Christmas tree will vary according to its height.

Craftsmen of Madurai have made statues of infant Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph, sheep and shepherd. These statues were made of plaster of paris.

Meanwhile, Christmas greeting cards have a dull market. Greeting cards for children are only purchased so far.

Greeting cards with music and light are available for a price below Rs 30.

Children largely purchase greeting cards to exchange to their friends in the Christmas celebrations at school.

 “The GST regime has also affected Christmas market. Price of every product has increased,” said Aby K George, Janatha store owner at Edakkara.