Thiruvananthapuram: With the state vehicle registration changing to a new software ‘Vahan’ of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it would soon become mandatory to use zeroes in number plates. the registration numbers should be four digit with zeroes being placed on the left of the numbers from 1 to 999.

The registration certificates and vehicle number plates given away from December would follow this new change. The registration number '1' which is among the fancy number series would be written as 0001.

Separate driving licenses issued for autorickshaws will be avoided. Those with the light motor driving license could also drive the autorickshaw. The existing autorickshaw licenses would be changed as e – rickshaw licenses. This is part of changing to the nation wide driving license network ‘Sarathi’.

The autorickshaw category will be removed from the driving licenses. Presently, a separate driving license is a requirement to drive autorickshaws and a badge was necessary as it was a public transportation. The badge was removed following a supreme court order.

The driving license distribution would shift to Sarathi in 10 offices including Thiruvananthapuram, Kattakada, Thriprayar, Wayanad, Mananthavady, Iritty, Nanmada, Sulthan Bathery, Perambra and Vellarikundu from Wednesday. In Thiruvananthapuram, Kudappanakunnu, Karunagappally and Alappuzha offices have started using it on a trial basis. The transport commissionerate said that this project would be extended to all parts of the state within a month.

The driving license numbers in the state would also be changed to the new series. Apart from the state code KL, there would be 13 digits on the number plate. The first 2 numbers would denote the office code, the next 4 numbers would denote the year and the last 7 numbers would denote the license distribution number of the concerned office.

The details of driving licenses could be checked from any part of the country. If violation of transport laws is found, then the officials from any state could add the details in the license as check memo.