Mannarkkad/Pattambi: Keralites can’t celebrate Onam without banana chips and banana fries. But, this year there is a shortage of nendran bananas in the market after the flood havoc. Even though the price of nendran was lower, it gradually increased towards Onam.

Ahead of Onam, one kg nendran banana was priced Rs 65 on Saturday while the same was at Rs 35 last week. The market price at present ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 65. At wholesale shops, the price ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 55. However, the farmers are not benefitted by this hike.

In the self-employed farmers market of Mannarkkad region, the price of nendran banana was at Rs 23 to Rs 25 per kg. With Onam around the corner, it has reached Rs 45. The nendran bananas from Mannarkkad are on high demand in markets. From Viyyakkurrissi alone, 65 tonnes of banana stalks were sold this Onam.

The flood havoc that hit the state recently shattered the dreams of many farmers in Paruthoor. Most of the banana plantations were destroyed by flood water. In Paruthoor alone, around 25,000 banana plants were destroyed.

Plantations in Pattithara, Kappoor, Anakkara also faced huge loss. Last year also the farmers had to deal with similar situation.