Thiruvananthapuram: The price of milk per litre will soon increase by Rs 5-7 in the state. Milma Federation has informed the government of the necessity to increase the price.

The suggestion has been put forward based on the report submitted by a committee appointed to study the price hike. Even though Milma can decide on its own, usually the price is increased as per government’s approval.

On Friday, a discussion will be held within the department and a decision will be taken on the maximum price the hike is possible.

Last time, milk price was hiked in 2017. Out of the Rs 4 increase, Rs 3.35 is obtained by the farmer.

This time also, the farmer will be benefitted by the price hike, said Milma Board. In government farms, the milk price is at Rs 46 with an increase of Rs 4.

After the recent floods, there has been a decrease of more than 1 lakh litres in the state. To compensate this, 3.60 lakh litre was bought from other states. Last year also, the flood had caused a reduction in milk production and 1.86 lakh litre was bought from other states.