Sreekrishnapuram (Palakkad): With the Onam festival around the corner, vegetable and fruit markets have become active despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The supply of nendran bananas have increased, so has the price.

Auctions for nendran bananas will be held at the VFPCK market on all Wednesdays and Sundays. On Wednesday, August 19, nendran banana was auctioned at Rs 46.5 per kilogram. Last week this was Rs 42.5 per kg.

Even people from neighbouring districts arrived here for the auction. The auction market in Karimpuzha is one of the largest in the district. More than 200 farmers are members of Karimpuzha self-help group.

The market began in 2005. Seeds, saplings fertilizers, sprayer, equipment for rubber tapping and other materials required for farming are also available here.

Last year, 654 tons of nendran banana was sold here.