Kottayam: The marine food products available in India has found a newly rising demand in the markets of China. From 2019 January to September, India has exported marine products worth 800 million dollars (Rs 80 crore). This is thrice the export quantity when compared to last year.

With the wide acceptance of marine products in China, Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is expecting an export worth one billion dollars (Rs 100 crore) by December.

An agreement has been signed by some Chinese companies for trade worth 500 million dollars for the next two years. As more companies get into agreement, India expects China to be one of the biggest market for marine products.

In the expo conducted by the Indian Union Ministry of Commerce and MPEDA for the promotion of marine items in China last month, 40 export companies and 50 Chinese import companies had participated. Among the importers, 25 are mainstream companies which have promised import.

However, America remains the largest market for Indian marine exports, 29 percent. Southeast Asian countries come second with 23 percent. 20 percent is being exported to European countries while 10 percent to Jappan.

MPEDA has issued guidelines to ensure quality of the marine edible products considering its popularity in international markets. The refrigeration facility is the most important so as to ensure freshness of the products when fishermen return after days in sea.