Present day Maoists are in the fantasy of police: Kanam Rajendran

Azad Baboof A. I.

Civic Chandran said that Maoists were being used as a distraction to shift the focus from other important issues.

Hormis Tharakan, Kanam Rajendran and Civic Chandran at MBIFL 2020

Thiruvananthapuram: CPI Kerala state secretary Kanam Rajendran said that it is not justice but the regime that has gone wild. The LDF leader added that the present day Maoists were in the fantasy of police.

He was speaking at a discussion ‘Kadu Kayarunna Neethi’ (when task forces enter the forest following government order) along with social activist Civic Chandran and former DGP Hormis Tharakan.

Referring the UAPA case against Alan Shuhaib and Thaha Fazal, Kanam Rajendran said that the government is imprisoning a person on without evidence and forcing upon that person the responsibility to prove his own innocence. What kind of democracy is it? He questioned.

Civic Chandran narrated how the former UPA government, where P. Chidambaram was the home minister, destroyed the option to open dialogues with Maoists by inviting a Maoist representative for dialogue before capturing him from a train on the way and gunning him down inside a forest.

He alleged that police needed Maoists as they needed the unaccounted funds given to trace and capture them. The social activist added that Maoists were being used as a distraction to shift the focus from other important issues.

Civic Chandran questioned what was the politics behind the Maoist hunt which Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan directly ordered. He wondered if the police had been following the now 19-year-old Alan for five years, were they waiting for him to become a full-blown Naxal?

Hormis Tharakan went down the memory lane and narrated how the police had traced and captured maoists without using guns.

All three speakers agreed that dialogue was the way to solve the problem of Maoists and that eliminating them was not the way to handle the situation.

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