An author, politician, and former international civil servant, Shashi Tharoor straddles several worlds of experience. Currently a second-term Lok Sabha MP representing the Thiruvananthapuram constituency and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs, he has previously served as a Minister of State in the Government of India. He has served as the Under-Secretary General of United Nations also. Dr. Tharoor is an award-winning author of works of both fiction as well as non-fiction, with his sixteenth book due for release in November 2016. He has written hundreds of articles, op-eds, and book reviews in a wide range of international publications including the New York Times and Washington Post. Hugely popular on social media platforms, Tharoor is an excellent orator too.


The Great Indian Novel


Show Business

The Five Dollar Smile


Reasons of State

India: From Midnight to the Millennium

Kerala: God's Own Country

Nehru: The Invention of India

Bookless in Baghdad

The Elephant, the Tiger, and the Cellphone

Shadows Across the Playing Field (Co-authored with Shaharyar Khan)

Pax Indica

India: The Future is Now

India Shastra

The Long Darkness


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