Santhosh George KulangaraSanthosh George Kulangara is best known for Sancharam, the first visual travelogue in Malayalam, which he directs himself and cranks the camera. The programme has already completed 1,000 episodes covering over 100 countries. He has also founded the Safari channel in Malayalam, an exploration channel. Santhosh is the first space tourist from India in the forth coming space trip by Virgin Galactic. He is the recipient of several awards like the Kerala Sahithya Akademi Award for his travelogue, Baltic Diary. Selected Works • Natashayude Varna Balloonukal (The Colourful Balloons of Natasha) • Oru Rabbiyude Chumbanangal (The Kisses of a Rabbi) • Ground Zeroyile Gayakan (The Musician at Ground Zero) • Zero Gravity • Baltic Diary