Eric AkotoEric Akoto is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Litro Magazine. Eric has written for various publications and contributed to various books. He also guest-curates and comperes at festivals such as Latitude Festival and The Hay Festival. Founded in 2005, Litro Magazine is a full-fledged literary and creative arts platform allowing writers to write and readers to read. Founded by Eric, Litro‘s World Series editions look to provide readers with a platform, encouraging cross -cultural conversations.


  • Are prize-winning novels overrated? What goes into a Booker novel? Is the industry a slave to a few agents' sensibility? 2 Feb, 2 PM- 2.45 PM
  • Biography: Is truth the first casualty? 3 Feb, 1 PM- 2 PM
  • The New Ukrainian Narrative: Living with and rebelling against Russia 3 Feb, 2.50 PM- 3.30 PM