Ashok FerryAshok Ferrey was born in Sri Lanka, but grew up in Africa (both East and West) from where he went to a boarding school in the UK, to a Benedictine monastery. He read Pure Mathematics at Oxford University, became a builder in Thatcher’s London thereafter.  He is the author of 5 books, four of which were shortlisted for various prestigious awards. His novel Serendipity was shortlisted for The State Literary Prize.


Colpetty People

The Good Little Ceylonese Girl

The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons


The Professional


  • The Numbers in my Words, 3 Feb, 1PM -2 PM
  • The evolutionary nature of good and evil  3 Feb, 4 PM – 4.45 PM
  • The cities in our head: Bombay. Calcutta, New York, London and Delhi as literary characters. A discussion 3 Feb, 6 Pm- 7 PM
  • The Big Conflict: Local culture Vs Global Cities 4 Feb, 10.45 AM-11.30 AM
  • The New Asian Voice 3.30 PM- 4.30 PM