Heart palpitation is a feeling that your heart is pounding and beating too fast or irregularly. The heartbeats become more noticeable and you may feel these sensations in your throat or neck.

Palpitations may be triggered by a surge of adrenaline, a hormone your body releases after you have overexerted yourself or when you feel nervous, anxious or a sense of fear or apprehension. Certain medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, anemia and low blood pressure can also trigger palpitations.

Asanas for disease reduction:

The Yogic techniques always start with the physical, in order to bring a state of homeostasis, which leads to symptom reduction. The following are a small selection of simple asanas that will begin the process of recovery from Palpitations.

1) Viparita Karani- Upside-down Pose


  • Lie flat on your back with the palms facing down
  • Raise your legs & hips up, keeping the chin close to your chest
  • Support your lower back with your palms, lift your back off the mat while keeping your knees and back straight
  • Tilt your legs 30-40 degrees towards the head
  • Breathe deeply through the chest. You may even close your eyes
  • Remain here for 3-4 mins then relax your palms and come down gently.

2)  Paschimottanasana – Queen Pose


  • Sitting on your hips, stretch your knees and place your palms next to your hips
  • Extend your arms and grab both the toes with your fingers and thumb
  • Bend down from the pelvic region of the back, maintaining a concave back
  • Relax your shoulders and try to get your forehead between the knees, if you can’t get the forehead completely down, gaze at the toes
  • Gradually rest your elbows on the mat and stay in this pose for 2-3 minutes
  • Inhale, raise the head from the knees and relax

3) Virasana – Hero Pose


  • Start by kneeling on the floor with your thighs perpendicular to the floor
  • Bend your knees and place the hips down in between the heels
  • Rest your palms on top of your knees and stay in this pose for 4-5mins