Alappuzha: Two Malayalees visited the Silviyander house on Chettikkad beach road. Tibetan medicine practitioner Dr. Dorjee Rapten Neshar examine the pulse rate and prescribed medicines. It was a composition of natural herbs and minerals. The camp, held for three days will conclude on Friday. 

The Tibetan doctors offer therapy based on traditional Buddhist principles during the three days of the camp. Tibetan poet activist Tenzin Tsundue also joined the camp as a volunteer. The camp is set up by the ‘Friends of Tibet’, a non-profit organisation. Almost 100 people have registered for the camp online.

Tibetan medicine is based on the holistic healing system. The traditional-old medical practice employs a complex approach in diagnosis incorporating techniques like neuroscience, urinalysis, understanding dietary lifestyles and healthy interactions. The doctors prescribe tablets, powders, and decoction (arishtam) to the patients. Various therapies are offered to patients having body aches, back pain and muscle pain.

Tibetan treatment is popular in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Siberia, China, Mongolia, Europe and North America and is getting wider acceptance in Kerala too.

Apart from Silviyander house in Alappuzha, Tibetan medical camps are held in various parts of Kerala every two months. The doctors prescribe medicines for 2 months to the patients.

Dr. Pema Yamgan and Dr. Sonam Parden have also participated in the camp. All the hospitals offering Tibetan therapy are managed by the Men-Tsee-Khang headquarters in Himachal Pradesh. Those who seek Tibetan treatment can register at