Kalikavu: Kalikavu, a small village in Malappuram district, is setting a healthy example for the young generation to follow this Ramzan.

A group of people here is distributing varieties of medicinal rice porridges (kanji) to those vising the Kalikavu Juma Masjid for breaking the fast. The porridges are distributed for free.

They also aim to make the young generation aware of the need to keep the body pure and healthy during the holy fast. The preparation is overseen by Mustafa Vaidyar. The expenses are born by Kurikkal Abdul Gafoor, an NRI.  

For the 30 days of the fast, they are preparing 30 varieties of ‘kanji’. On the first day, they prepared masala kanji, which is made using cinnamon, pepper, cloves, dry ginger and cardamom. So far, more than 10 varieties of porridges had been prepared.

This includes, jeeraka kanji (cumin porridge), paal kanji (milk porridge), navarayari kanji (navara rice porridge), payarukanji (peas porridge), mixed vegetable kanji and uluva kanji (fenugreek porridge). In the coming days, they will be making other varieties including mukkidi kanji, mulayari kanji (bamboo rice prridge), pazhankanji and wheat kanji.

These medicinal compositions will address health issues like obesity and stomach problems.