How to take care of skin and hair post Holi

New Delhi: Holi colours can damage your skin and leave your hair lifeless for days ..

What makes old people feel younger
Night shifts can raise risk of early menopause
diet drink
Diet drinks may up strokes in postmenopausal women

Tattoos can raise risk of mental health problems, sleep disorders

New York: Love to get inked? Beware, tattoos can take a toll of your mental health, warned a new study. Researchers from the University ..


Here comes 'stair snacking' to improve heart health

Toronto: For people who find it difficult to take out extra time for physical activity after a hectic schedule, exercise just got simpler ..


Lotus and medicinal cures: Drink water with petals to increase sperm count

Lotus flower in India is used for decoration as well as for rituals and has medicinal features also. Drinking the syrup made from ..


Why your computer can cause neck pain?

New York: Do you tend to suffer from headaches or neck and backaches from computer work? If so, checking your posture may help, researchers ..


Mindfulness strategies may help shed excess weight

London: Mindfulness training could be the key to support weight loss in individuals with obesity, thereby facilitating healthier eating ..

old man

Sexual activity beneficial for older men: Study

London: While for older women being emotionally close to their partner is associated with higher enjoyment, for older men sexual activity ..


Eight-hour sleep may boost academic performance

New York: Worried that your son or daughter sleep more even during final exams week? If so, take heart. According to a study, students ..


Herbal tips for healthy, beautiful eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a human body. Many diseases can be predicted by observing the discoloration of the eyes. In order ..


Drumstick based home remedies for overall health

Drumstick tree or moringa tree is a medium sized tree commonly found in Kerala. All parts of the tree are useful for treating various ..


Eating fish reduces childhood asthma: Study

Canberra: Eating fish like salmon, trout and sardines can significantly reduce asthma symptoms in children, a study led by Australian ..

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