elder people

Exercise more for better fitness after retirement

London: Middle-aged people over 55 years of age in particular should be doing more ..

Early menstruation linked to higher diabetes risk
Take hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime for super sleep
Dietary supplements may do more harm than good
child tantrums

How do you respond to child tantrums?

Temper tantrums are unpleasant and disruptive behaviours or emotional outbursts. They often occur in response to unmet needs or desires ..


Dietary guidelines to be followed in anal fissure

Anal fissure is a commonly seen in all age groups, especially in infants and small children. So I just thought of penning down the ..


Good sleep, mood can help you stay sharp in old age

New York: Memory slips with age, but getting a fair amount of sleep every night and having a cheerful mood each day may help you stay ..


Have trouble sleeping? Then job stress may be blamed

Stress and sleep issues can often go hand in hand. It is deadly to have a stressful job, if one has a previous history of high blood ..


Improving fitness can help you cut cancer risk

New York: While a high fitness level is already known to have a positive impact on conditions like heart disease, a new study suggests ..


Diabesity! Beware of propionate in bakery foods

Nowadays, obesity and diabetes are quite common condition in which a person have a negative impact on their health. Both these diseases ..


Muscle power likely to help you live longer

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Want to increase your longevity? If yes, then speed up your weight-lifting routine as a new study suggests ..


Whitening products may cause tooth decay

New York: While using teeth-whitening products can make your smile brighter, they might also lead to tooth damage, researchers have ..


Pets help boost health of older people

New York: Having a pet can help older people cope with mental and physical health issues. According to a study, more than three-quarters ..

Iodised salt

Iodised salt could increase risk of high BP

While universal iodisation of salt helped control iodine deficiency disorders, it could be increasing the risk of high blood pressure ..

People who post selfies seen as insecure, less likeable
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