Know your Thyroid Gland and How to take care of it

The month of January is regarded as National ‘Thyroid Awareness Month’ ..

Coonoor Samyoga
‘Coonoor Samyoga’ wellness programme from Feb 2-7
Tibetan therapy for Malayalees at Alappuzha
Malayali researchers pave way for early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Indian men prone to lifestyle diseases in their 30s

New Delhi: While men in India are prone to develop lifestyle diseases in their 30s, women tend to develop them a couple of decades ..


Post-gym muscle pain? Protein shakes not the answer

New Delhi: Protein shakes have long been touted as a gym bag essential, consumed by gym-goers in an effort to boost muscle recovery ..


Views on casual sex may put your marriage at risk

New York: An individual's premarital views about uncommitted sex, such as one-night stands or casual sex, may make it more difficult ..

elder people

Exercise more for better fitness after retirement

London: Middle-aged people over 55 years of age in particular should be doing more to keep fit as they approach retirement age because ..


Early menstruation linked to higher diabetes risk

New York: Early onset of menstruation is associated with a higher risk of Type-2 diabetes, but body mass index (BMI) may mediate this ..


Take hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime for super sleep

New Delhi: Taking hot bath at least 90 minutes before bedtime is your ticket to sound sleep. Just remember that the water temperature ..


Dietary supplements may do more harm than good

New Delhi: Researchers have found that intake of some vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements may not benefit the heart and, ..


Teens who work out sleep better, longer

New York: Exercise not only helps in promoting strength and endurance but also improves the quality of your sleep at night, say researchers ..


Walking, cycling reduce obesity risk in kids

London: Do your children go to school walking or riding a bicycle? If your answer is in affirmative, then they are less likely to be ..

child tantrums

How do you respond to child tantrums?

Temper tantrums are unpleasant and disruptive behaviours or emotional outbursts. They often occur in response to unmet needs or desires ..

Virus test results in minutes? Scientists question accuracy
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