Kozhikode: The Indian Medical Association in a recent study reported that the average life expectancy of doctors in Kerala is less than the commonman. A study under IMA research cell revealed the fact.

The study also pointed out that death of majority of doctors in Kerala is due to cancer and cardiac diseases.

Average life expectancy of an Indian is 67.9 years. Meanwhile, Kerala has a life expectancy rate more than national rate. It has been reported that average life expectancy of a Malayalee is 74.9 years.

But compared to the life expectancy of Kerala and India, Malayalee doctors have a much lower rate of 61.75 years.

The study from 2007 to 2017 reported the details. Among the diseased doctors, 87 percent are males and 13 percent females. When 25 percent death occur due to cancer, 2 percent from contagious diseases. Whereas 2 percent suicide cases was also reported among doctors.

Meanwhile, the study report has not clarified the reason for decreasing life expectancy. According to doctors, mental pressure is the major reason.

Long working hours, tension and a high number of patients affect the health of doctors. Compared to doctors, working staff in other sectors are not exposed to much pressure.

“High pressure, diabetes and cardiac problems are increasing among doctors,” said IMA president Dr. KK Agarwal.