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Women less sensitive to pain than men

Toronto: Women tend to forget pain that they suffered more quickly than men, confirmed ..

PVC flex affects reproduction, growth of foetus: Suchitwa Mission
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Swedish woman pregnant after robot-assisted womb transplant
Diet more important than exercise to lose weight
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India may have welcomed maximum new borns on New Year: UNICEF

New Delhi: India is estimated to have welcomed 18 per cent of the total babies born globally on January 1, 2019, UNICEF said on Tuesday ..


Moderate drinking not harmful for elderly patients with heart failure

New York: Elderly people above 65 who are newly diagnosed with heart failure can continue moderate alcohol drinking without worsening ..


Fish skin cheaper, less painful in treating burns than bandages

London: Using fish skin to heal burns can be cheaper and less painful than bandages, says a scientist. Using the skin of Tilapia ..


New vaccine shows promise against chikungunya virus

London: A novel vaccine, based on a modified measles virus, promises to be safe and effective against the chikungunya virus, results ..

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Know why women tend to outlive men

New York: Scientists have long wondered why women outlive men globally. Now, they have found that the secret may lie in the second ..


Australian researchers discover how a baby's sex is determined

Sydney: While it is known that the sex of a baby is determined by its chromosome make-up at conception, new research has identified ..