It's raining fever in Kerala this monsoon. As per the records of the Health Department, more than 3,20,000 people were affected by fever this month alone. As Dengue and H1N1 continues to spread like never before, many are blaming the indiscriminate waste dumping and pollution.

But if we take a closer look, it is not just the filthy surroundings and the clogging potholes that are worsening the situation. The falling immunity levels within us is the villain.

So what all we can do to boost our immunity with a healthy diet plan for us and our family during this monsoon. Just take care of a few things and all will be fine.

How to boost your immunity?


The most important thing is powering up your own protective shield

Fill your shopping basket with Vitamin C-rich food as it is important to improve one’s immunity power. Mosambi, orange, gooseberry, guava and lemon are some of the most preferred fruits during this ‘fever’ season.

Lemon tea will a good choice over regular tea

Also include vegetable and non-vegetable soups in the daily menu      

Add more turmeric and garlic while preparing food

Since dengue cases are on the rise in the state, doctors are advising patients to consume food that improve their platelet counts in blood.

Pomegranate and papaya are known to help increase the platelet counts

Mixing a pinch of turmeric with honey is good for immunity

Avoid these things during monsoon


Curd, lassi and sugar cane juice are not advised for a harsh rainy season.

Say no to vegetables like cucumber as they cool down the body further

Avoid half cooked eggs such as bull’s eye.

Avoid drinking water from hotels and restaurants as they often tend to mix cold water with boiled water.

Shun bottled water and other bottled drinks during the rainy season

Say no to juices, milk shakes, coffee and tea from street vendors and restaurants

Do not buy cut vegetables and fruits from the market. If at all you are buying fruits, buy them as a whole and wash it in vinegar and tamarind water before use.

Drink lots and lots of water

drinking waterIn monsoon, we tend to drink less water than in other seasons as we do not feel thirsty. However, we should try beat this ‘not thirsty’ sensation and drink lots of water. There is no alternative to water. It is the most important purifier for the body and our entire system.

Drink only boiled water.

Cook your own food at home

Avoid taking food from outside as much as possible. Keep away from food at street vendors as much as possible as they will have only limited water in their storage for cleaning the used plates. Here the chance for catching diseases is higher than in other bigger eateries.

Keep your kitchen dry and clean

Kitchen tools
  • Always keep the kitchen clean and rid of food wastes as it will attract flies and other insects which are often carriers of viruses.
  • Keep the kitchen tools like cutting board, knife, grinder, coconut scrapper dry and clean.
  • The pulses and cereals must be kept in air-tight containers so that they remain dry


Be careful with refrigerated food

When keeping food items in the refrigerator, make sure the water from the meat/fish do not mix with other food stuff. Studies have found that wet surroundings will increase the risk of salmonella

Sinu Shibu
Sinu Shibu


Avoid eating reheated food from the fridge

(Sreerenjini speaks to Sinu Shibu, Dietician, Beach Hospital, Kozhikode)