A gene mutation can put you at alcoholism risk

New York: A tiny genetic mutation can put people at a higher risk for alcohol or ..

fast food
Heart attack cases higher in areas with more fast food outlets
chlorine water
How to purify water with bleaching powder, chlorine tablets after flood?
Eat more plant-based foods for better heart health

Veggies also transmit superbugs to human gut

San Francisco: Not just animal meat but plant-based foods are also serving as vehicles for transmitting antibiotic-resistant bacteria ..


Home nutrition care keeps patient out of hospital

New York: Researchers have found that implementing a nutrition care plan at home for patients at risk for malnutrition had a dramatic ..

crime news

Used bandage found in biryani served at TVM Technopark

Kazhakkuttom: A used bandage was found in a biryani served at a restaurant in Tecnopark Campus at Kazhkuttom in Thiruvananthapuram ..

junk food

Junk food consumption ups allergy risk in kids

London: Researchers have found that high consumption of junk food such as microwaved foods and barbequed meats may be responsible for ..

protein powder

Dietary supplements could harm your health

New York: Researchers have found that consumption of dietary supplements for weight loss, muscle building and energy leads to death, ..


Eating blueberries can improve heart health

London: Eating a cup of blueberries daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) by up to 15 per cent, according to a study ..


Unhealthy food at work ups risk of lifestyle ailments

New York: If you tend to keep guards on unhealthy foods down at workplace, you may be at an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular ..


Drinking coffee does improve bowel movement

San Diego: Drinking coffee keeps the bowels moving because it changes gut bacteria and improves ability of intestines to contract, ..


Chatting on food habits makes kids healthier

New York: Parents, please take note. Talking about food benefits is likely to get your kid to eat healthier, which might help them ..


Skipping breakfast may increase death risk

Brasilia: Do you skip your morning meal and eat dinner late at night? If so, it may increase the risk of death and other heart-related ..

People who post selfies seen as insecure, less likeable
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