Kannur: In the wake of the number of breast cancer patients witnessing huge increase in the state, a project called 'breast cancer brigade' will be implemented. Under the project, training will be imparted for performing self-examination to identify signs of breast cancer.

The project will be implemented in the five northern districts under the aegis of the Malabar Cancer Care Society, and the inauguration will be held in Kannur. Ten thousand select Kudumbasree members will be given training first, who will visit every house and teach women how to do the self-examination. The examination should be performed every month.

The Kudumbasree members will contact all houses monthly. If anybody notices something wrong, arrangements will be made for their detailed check-up. Preliminary works have been launched, said Cancer Care Society president D K Pai.

They expect financial assistance from local bodies for the activities.

As per statistics, the number of breast cancer patients has seen significant increase over the past five years. While ovarian cancer was the most common one among women earlier, it is breast cancer now.

Breast cancer can be identified easily through self-examination and is curable if detected in an early stage. Women usually approach hospital when the cancer is in an advanced stage. They have to undergo breast removal surgery. The disease was detected in women above the age of 35 earlier. But now, even 25-year-olds are among the patients which is a matter of concern for the authorities.

On an average, cancer drugs worth Rs 1000 crore are sold in the state every year, most of them for breast cancer patients. Do not ignore lumps in breasts, and fluid discharge or blood from nipples.

The changed life-style of women is the reason for the spread of breast cancer.