Corona scare: Govt issues Dos & Don'ts for home quarantine & mask use

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has prepared a draft for guidelines for ..

Achilles tendon rupture
‘Percutaneous approach, the best way to repair Achilles tendon’
Dr. Rashmi Pramod
Visually impaired doctor imparts 'vision and light' through Ayurveda
From idli, dosa to calorie-laden porotta, pizza, fries

'Love' hormone can trigger overactive sex drive too

London: Believe it or not but an unregulated supply of "love" hormone from the brain may be the reason behind obsessive sex ..


Lack of sleep does alter fat metabolism

London: Lack of sleep can be harmful as it can make participants feel less full after eating and metabolise the fat in food differently, ..


Give your hair a moisturizing routine

New Delhi: The monsoon and oncoming climate change is going to effect your mane whether you like it or not. In humid climate our scalp ..


Premature baby born with 380g in Kochi finally comes home

Kochi: She weighed mere 380g at birth – just the size of a palm. She couldn’t breathe properly let alone cry. Doctors had ..


Preventing spread of swine flu after floods

The God's own people are once again braving the perils of floods and incessant rains in many areas with unmatched willpower and ..


Be cautious about waterborne diseases

Once the fear of flood vanishes, all you need to worry is about the waterborne diseases that follows. A little care in food, drinking ..


Know about jet lag and come out of it

Frequent journeys by air have become a significant part of our lives and a necessity of the modern day. People often fly to different ..

Phone radiation

Using Cellphone - Time to exercise caution

The number of cell phone users in the world has increased rapidly. These handy contraptions have spread virally in usage across the ..


Have 60gm nuts daily to boost sexual desire, orgasm quality

Madrid: In a good news, researchers have found that consuming 60 grams of nuts daily improves sexual functions such as boosting desire ..


Why mosquitoes bite some people so much? Few facts!

The disconcerting list of illnesses spread by the flying disease-delivery vehicles known as mosquitoes is ever expanding. Along with ..

Virus test results in minutes? Scientists question accuracy
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