Premature baby born with 380g in Kochi finally comes home

Kochi: She weighed mere 380g at birth – just the size of a palm. She couldn’t ..

Preventing spread of swine flu after floods
Be cautious about waterborne diseases
Know about jet lag and come out of it

Why mosquitoes bite some people so much? Few facts!

The disconcerting list of illnesses spread by the flying disease-delivery vehicles known as mosquitoes is ever expanding. Along with ..


Second-hand drinking as bad as second-hand smoke

New York: Just like second-hand smoking, society needs to combat the second-hand effects of drinking as millions of people are suffering ..


Third-hand smoke can damage one's respiratory system

Washington: The hazards of second-hand smoke are well-known. Now, scientists have found even third-hand smoke (THS) could do harm to ..

knee pain

Is uric acid a trouble maker in our body?

The human body functions constantly round the clock each day without fail. Even while we sleep or rest, the brain commands, the blood ..


Here's everything you need to know about babies and skin rashes

Skin care for babies is an essential step in their overall health routine. Babies have delicate skin which is more prone to skin concerns ..


Frequent vacations good for your heart

New York: Take out time for travelling amid your busy schedule as frequent vacations not only help de-stress but also reduce the risk ..

Chest Pain

Heart attacks more severe in morning than night

London: Heart attacks that mostly happen in the morning tend to be more severe than cardiac arrests at night, warn researchers. The ..


Nipah survivor Ajanya recalls those terrible days on 1st anniversary of virus attack

It has been one year since the attacked Kerala. A total of 18 persons were affected by the deadly virus and 16 of them lost their ..


Sexual attitude continues to evolve well into late 20s

New York: Indicating that development of sexual orientation continues long past adolescence into adulthood, new research has found ..


Why your wife won't admit she snores as loud as you

New York: Women are more likely to under-report their snoring problem as compared to men, says a new study. In the study, published ..

vehicle pollution
Vehicle pollutants up risk of common eye condition
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