Protect yourself from 'unforeseen' contaminants

The year has just begun, and its a good time to take a more diligent approach to ..

On World Heart Day, act against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases
World health day
How to keep track of your health on World Health Day
video games
Playing video games can boost attention: Study

Yoga for diabetes: Try these asanas

Diabetes, broadly separated into Type 1 (Insulin dependent and mainly congenital) and Type 2 (Non insulin dependent and mainly lifestyle ..

Breast cancer

Project to help women detect breast cancer early

Kannur: In the wake of the number of breast cancer patients witnessing huge increase in the state, a project called 'breast cancer ..

Vitamin A

How vitamin A can reduce scarring in blood vessels

New York: A team of US researchers has developed a new biodegradable material with built-in vitamin A which has been shown to reduce ..


Cheers! Here's how your liver breaks down alcohol

New Delhi: The New Year party is over and so is binge drinking. Hangover episodes are only worth mentioning on Facebook and your liver, ..


Jackfruit seed can help in detecting cancer

Timely detection of cancer is vital in preventing its progress as well as death. Bringing hope in this regard, astudy has found ..


Plants too are passive smokers

London: Passive smoking is not only bad for family and friends but also for plants around us that can take up nicotine from contaminated ..

Happy marriages lead to healthy hearts!

Happy marriages lead to healthy hearts!

New York: How happy you are in your marriage affects your heart in more ways than previously thought as researchers have found that ..

Virus that kills cancer and tumour cells

Virus that kills cancer and tumour cells

New York: A virus can be used to kill triple-negative breast cancer cells and tumours grown from these cells in mice, finds a new research ..

brain cell

How Huntington's disease kills brain cells

Washington: In a discovery that could open new opportunities for treating Huntington's disease, researchers claimed they have learned ..

'Missing link' in ribosome production holds key for cancer cure

'Missing link' in ribosome production holds key for cancer cure

New York: Biologists have found the 'missing link' in the chemical system that enables animal cells to produce ribosomes - the thousands ..