Chest Pain

Heart attacks more severe in morning than night

London: Heart attacks that mostly happen in the morning tend to be more severe than ..

Nipah survivor Ajanya recalls those terrible days on 1st anniversary of virus attack
Sexual attitude continues to evolve well into late 20s
Why your wife won't admit she snores as loud as you

Tattooing, not a childish game

Tattooing has become popular among new generation as it allows to inscribe what is most favourite to us permanently on our body, like ..


Your genes may determine how marriage will fare

New York: Do you think you could lead a happy married life? The answer is in your genes, a new study has said. Although prior research ..


World Cancer Day: Cancer genetics - Beyond hereditary cancer

The gene is a unit of inheritance of our DNA that determines our characteristics including physical, behavioural and clinical and the ..


Protect yourself from 'unforeseen' contaminants

The year has just begun, and its a good time to take a more diligent approach to your everyday hygiene. Consider your average day: ..


On World Heart Day, act against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases

According to International Diabetes Federation's ‘Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease report, in 2015, approximately five ..

World health day

How to keep track of your health on World Health Day

New Delhi: Prevention is better than cure and this World Health Day on Saturday, take tangible steps to secure the health of yourself ..

video games

Playing video games can boost attention: Study

London: Does your child love playing video games? Let him, as it can help alter the brain regions responsible for attention and visuospatial ..


Eating red onions may help combat cancer

Dark red onions, known as the richest source of dietary flavonoids, may help fight off cancer of the colon and breast, a researcher ..


World Hepatitis Day: Vaccinations lead in the battle against hepatitis!

Viral hepatitis is a global health problem. The inflammation of the liver caused by the various strains of Hepatitis virus can lead ..


Yoga for diabetes: Try these asanas

Diabetes, broadly separated into Type 1 (Insulin dependent and mainly congenital) and Type 2 (Non insulin dependent and mainly lifestyle ..

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