Kozhikode: Worms have turned a favourite food item for foodies. Kuzhimandhi, fries, upma, sandwich and ice cream made of worms are available in the market. This unique trend is not found even in Thailand or China.

Kundayithode near Feroke in Kozhikode has turned a hub of worms for the food industry.

Firoz Khan, a Feroke native, has been rearing these worms at his home. Interestingly, his farm includes worms which belong to the VIP breed called mealworm.

Oats are the major food of these worms. Crushed wheat, apple pieces, carrot and beetroot also served to the worms. Firoz has arranged his unique farm of worms on plastic boxes on the upstairs of his house.

Firoz has been rearing birds and animals at home for 24 years. He started to farm worms as a feed for the birds and animals.

After coming to know about the foreign food habit of eating worms, Firoz also started to eat it. Apart from rearing, Firoz has been selling the worms to other farmers after culturing process.

One unit of mealworms is priced at Rs 2450. Up to 350 worms are included in this single pack.

“These worms contain 53 percent protein. Many people collect worms directly from my house and through courier,” said Firoz.

Firoz Khan is trying to find market for his worms through hotels after the COVID crisis. He has also initiated action to get approval from the food safety department.