lime juiceAttracting the youngsters and bringing back childhood memories in others at the same time is a difficult task for everyone. When it comes to food, it takes double the work that others do. This is where ‘Shajichettante Narangavellam’ is winning the hearts and satisfying all taste buds with his special and different varieties of lemon juice.

8 years ago Shaji’s venture was a grocery store which also had a few stationery items and usual long-established version of lemon juice. Soon he realized the increasing demand for lemon juice and started investing more time in that. Now, this is one of the very famous spots in Thodupuzha for quenching the thirst which draws the attention of people not only from Thodupuzha but also from different and distant places.

Started with just the normal salty lime juice at Muthaliarmadom Junction (Thodupuzha- Kanjiramattom Road), he is now at a stage where he adds his own magical ingredients to the traditional recipe for beating the heat. All of his varieties in lemon juice are now well-known and the shop is crowded from dawn to dusk. He has now mastered many varieties of the juice like salt, sugar and salt and chilly, sweet and chilly- all available with soda or water.

juiceFor those who need sweet variant, he adds mint, pineapple, couscous and grated lemon peel with sugar. If what you need is a salty variant he will go for pungent chillies, nutmeg and mint with salt and grated lemon peel. Here people also can ‘customize’ the type of juice and go back with a heart which yearns to come back. When we ask him about his success story he says “It’s all because of the students from both schools and colleges. They made me famous”.

Once started as an easy access shop for daily use items, now he focuses only on lemon juice as he could not manage the crowd. He and his special lemon juice items are so famous that he now has a Facebook fan page ‘Shajichettante Narangavellam’. With a smile on his proud face, he is now bringing back lime juice back again to the crowd, which was once forgotten in the glory of shakes and sarbats.