South Indian dish Paniyaram, is a small round shaped snack item that looks like a shallow fried idli or unniyappam with crisp crust and soft inner.


Rice – 1 ½ cup

Split black gram – ½ cup

Black sesame – 2 tsp

Curry leaves – Accordingly

Coriander leaves (chopped) – Accordingly

Green chili (chopped) – 1 no

Salt – To taste


Soak rice and split black gram in water for 8 hours and grind together to make a batter.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the batter and mix well.

Heat oil in each dip of paniyaram pan or unniyappam pan. Pour the batter in each dip and fry. After some time flip the paniyaram and cook the other side.

Once both the sides are fried and becomes golden brown, turn off the flame.

Tasty paniyaram is ready to be served.