Banana fry

Banana Fry with a twist; Try the special item today

Banana fry is a common snack in almost all households. Considered the most popular ..

jackfruit chips
These Breadfruit Chips can woo you...
fruit cake
Hello there! Lets have 'Tutti Frutti Apricot Fruit Cake'
One rupee Gudalur snacks
One rupee snacks – A Gudalur speciality
Rajma Tikki

Try Rajma Tikki or Kidney Beans Cutlet at home

Tikki is a very popular north Indian dish similar to that of cutlet. When Rajma or the thick kidney beans combine to form tikka, a ..


Beat your Monday blues with Paneer Kalakand

With the quirky name, Kalakand is an Indian dessert recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth for this thanksgiving. Made of paneer ..

Crispy Chilli Fish Cakes

Try Crispy Chilli Fish Cakes to make your weekend count

Crispy Chilli Fish Cakes are the tastiest yet easiest snack to be made at home using fish. This weekend, try this delicious snack at ..

Manda Baluk

Try this Konkani snack 'Manda Baluk'

By name it may seem too awkward, it is just colocasia chips to put in simple words and in Konkani, it is called 'Manda Baluk' ..

Vegetable sandwich

Creamy Vegetable Sandwich

It is very difficult to make children eat vegetables. When they love cheesy sandwiches why to worry? Let’s try creamy cheesy ..

bread masala

Bread Masala

Bread masala or masala bread is a simple, quick and yummy snack that can be prepared with a very few ingredients. Ingredients Bread, ..


Steamed Dhokla

Dhokla is a vegetarian dish that originates from Gujarat. It is made from fermented batter made of gram flour. Ingredients Gram ..

Fish finger

Yummy Fish Fingers

Fish fingers or fish sticks are similar to chicken fingers. This tasty fish recipe can be easily made at home. Ingredients Fish ..


Binge on these snacks while your favourites fight it out on Russian field

The world is gearing up for the FIFA final on Sunday evening. You don't want your food cravings to play spoilsport so make sure ..


Mixed Qatayef

Qatayef is a sort of sweetdumplingfilled with cream or nuts. Here is the recipe for this unique Arabian snack recipe. Ingredients ..