Breadfruit cutlet is a vegans favourite

Cutlets are a favourite snack item. However, most of it is made using beef, chicken ..

Can you make cutlet with egg and bread?
Mango fry is a smacking snack
Give local twist to a European dish with chicken-potato doughnuts
Spinach pakoda

Spinach pakoda

Spinach is the secret behind Popeye’s strength. Although Popeye is a cartoon character, spinach is a very healthy plant that ..

Chicken pada

Chicken Parippuvada

We all love Parippuvada. Did you know that it can be made with chicken as well as Bengal gram? Here is how to make Chicken Parippuvada ..

paneer cauliflower pakoda

Paneer-cauliflower pakoda

Here is an easy snack paneer and cauliflower that is sure to make tea time a happy time. Ingredients Paneer: 500 grams (chunks) ..

apple chips

Crispy chips with apple

We all know and love banana, tapioca and potato chips. Here is how you can make crispy chips with apple. The recipe will work equally ..


Enjoy pineapple fry for tea break

All of us know and enjoy pazham pori (banana fry), here is how to make crispy and sweet pineapple fry Ingredients Wheat flour: ..


Crispy cabbage vada

Cabbage is an ingredient that is used to make traditional dishes and curries. Here is how to make crispy cabbage vada that will bring ..

Noodles vada

Turn your springy noodles into crispy vada

Noodles is liked by adults and kids alike. Here is how to make vada with noodles that can be a spicy twist for your evening snack. ..

Banana fry

Banana Fry with a twist; Try the special item today

Banana fry is a common snack in almost all households. Considered the most popular evening snack in Kerala, it is liked by all. Today ..

jackfruit chips

These Breadfruit Chips can woo you...

Breadfruit or the Kadachakka is a prickly oval fruit very popular throughout Kerala. As the name says, the fruit when cooked tastes ..

fruit cake

Hello there! Lets have 'Tutti Frutti Apricot Fruit Cake'

Christmas is all done and dusted. But are you still longing for cakes? Let’s try fruit cake today. Non-alcoholic apricot fruit ..

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