Blackberry cream pudding

Blackberry cream pudding to melt your heart

This mind-blowing, lip-smacking dessert is the perfect one after a grand meal. ..

Milk powder barfi
UP's Navaratri special dish - Milk powder barfi
Meddur Vada
Maddur Vada from Karnataka - crispy outside, soft inside
Paneer Burji
Punjab's Navaratri Special Dish - Paneer bhurji
Chicken nuggets

Crispy chicken nuggets just in 10 minutes

Crispy chicken fries are easy to make with minimal ingredients. These can be served as snacks or starters. Ingredients Chicken ..


Crispy French fries topped with pepper

It is obvious that french fries are everyone’s favourite because of its crunchy and crispy nature. Now you can make this anytime ..

Cabbage vada

Cabbage vada for evening bite

All vada lovers can try this cabbage vada, a special item for an evening bite. A chilly chutney can be the best dip for this variety ..

Corn recipes

Craving for flavoured sweet-corn? Try these 3 easy recipes

From snacks and appetizers to starters and desserts, corns are fit in any role. Here are three simple recipes that are flavoured, delicious ..


Prepare halwa with bread

Halwas are quite common in the market. Colourful and variety stretchy halwa always attract food lovers. Here is one such item which ..

Onion Vada or Ullivada

Stylish Tamil Ullivada or Vengaya Vadai to blow your mind

Ullivada or onion vada is an inevitable tea time snack for the south-Indians. These are crispy onion fritters and is made differently ..

Turkey Pathiri

'Turkey Pathiri': Explosion of flavours for evening tea

Thinking of a different evening snack? Here is one, Turkey Pathiri or Turkish Pathal. Turkey pathiri is made with beef and egg stuffing ..

Tapioca Murukku

Try this variety tapioca ‘murukku’ for tea

‘Murukku’ is the all-time favourite crispy and crunchy snack of South Indians. Try this healthy and savoury variety ‘murukku’ ..

Oreo pudding

Oreo lovers’ paradise

Do you have a packet of Oreo biscuits and a Dairy milk with you? Here is a very simple dessert for you. Make Oreo pudding or Oreo ..

Mango biscuit pudding

Savour a Mango delight

Mango-biscuit pudding is a mouth-watering delicacy bursting with luscious mango flavour. Try this different dessert with a packet ..

Blackberry cream pudding
Blackberry cream pudding to melt your heart
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