Enjoy munching mixture? make it right at home

Mixture is probably one of the most enjoyed snacks in our country across all age ..

babycorne recipe
Baby-corn nuggets are best buddies of tea and coffee
kappa vada
Tapioca Vada is a superb tea time snack
'Unnakkaya' is a must have for Eid-Ul-Fitr

Can you make cutlet with egg and bread?

Cutlets are a delicacy in most parts of the world. We are all familiar with cutlets made of chicken, beef and fish. Here is how you ..


Mango fry is a smacking snack

With the onset of summer, mangoes are aplenty. We all make juices, curries and pickles with mangoes, but not many would know about ..


Give local twist to a European dish with chicken-potato doughnuts

Doughnut is a dish with European origins that is enjoyed as a snack in many countries around the world. Here is how to make a variety ..

madakki pathiri

Madakki Pathiri is folded with love

We all want something different for evening snacks. Madakki Pathiri is a tea time snack that is very easy to prepare. Madakki means ..


Have a blast in the evening with veg-egg bombs

Who would not want to have some variety in evening snacks. Full of vegetables and eggs, here is a recipe that will be tasty and healthy ..

Spinach pakoda

Spinach pakoda

Spinach is the secret behind Popeye’s strength. Although Popeye is a cartoon character, spinach is a very healthy plant that ..

Chicken pada

Chicken Parippuvada

We all love Parippuvada. Did you know that it can be made with chicken as well as Bengal gram? Here is how to make Chicken Parippuvada ..

paneer cauliflower pakoda

Paneer-cauliflower pakoda

Here is an easy snack paneer and cauliflower that is sure to make tea time a happy time. Ingredients Paneer: 500 grams (chunks) ..

apple chips

Crispy chips with apple

We all know and love banana, tapioca and potato chips. Here is how you can make crispy chips with apple. The recipe will work equally ..


Enjoy pineapple fry for tea break

All of us know and enjoy pazham pori (banana fry), here is how to make crispy and sweet pineapple fry Ingredients Wheat flour: ..

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