Simple and tasty chicken-omelette

Eggs are a versatile ingredient that is very easy to prepare. Here is how to use ..

Munch on tasty masala-bread
Anyone can make this simple omelette sandwich
bread pakoda
Make crispy bread pakoda with this easy recipe

Crispy cabbage vada is easy to make and very very tasty

Most of us know how to make stir fries and curries with cabbage. Here is how to make crispy vada with this humble ingredient. Ingredients ..

chilly chana

Munch on chilli-chickpea (chana) for tea

Ingredients Chickpea (chana): 1 cup (soaked) Oil: As per requirement (for deep frying and sautéing vegetables) Ginger: ..

Maida murukk

Make crispy, crunchy murukku with maida

Murukku is a crunchy snack that is loved by everyone. Here is how to make murukku at home in no time. Ingredients Oil: For deep ..


Replace your teatime pakodas with beetroot chips

Beetroot chips is a wonderful healthy snack to replace pakodas for your evening tea. Here is how to make it. Ingredients Beetroot: ..


Quick and easy banana flower vada (vazhakkoombu vada)

Here is how to make healthy and crispy vada using banana flower Ingredients Banana flower (vazhakkoombu): 1 nos (finely chopped) ..


Sesame seed barfi is a healthy alternative

Here is how to make barfi with sesame seeds. Ingredients Sesame seeds: 200 grams (black or white) Jaggery: 400 grams Cardamom: ..

chocolate kesari

Add flavour to Diwali with Chocolate Kesari

Kesari is a simple dessert that is easy to make at home. This Diwali, try this easy Chocolate Kesari recipe. Ingredients Ghee: ..


Celebrate this Diwali with Kaju Katli

Ingredients Cashew nuts: 1 ½ Cups Water: 1/2 cup Sugar: 3/4 cup Cardamom powder: 1/4 teaspoon Ghee: 2 teaspoon Preparation ..

Sweet potato fry

Humble sweet potato in a fried avatar

Sweet potato is a very healthy and nutritious root vegetable that usually does not receive the credit it deserves. In Kerala, sweet ..


From central prison, Kannur Kinnathappam to enter market on Tuesday

Kannur: Yet another food item prepared by prisoners is all set to enter the market. On Tuesday onwards, ‘Kannur Kinnathappam’ ..

Turn shallots into a quick curry in no time
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