Enjoy mango fritters with tea

With the summer, the season of mango has begun in Kerala. Let’s make crispy ..

Make crispy and tasty cutlets with paneer
Snack on crispy and tasty potato wedges
Make crispy potato chips right at home
Gajar Halwa

Special carrot halwa with dry fruits

Here is a tasty halwa made from carrots with milk and dry fruits. Ingredients Carrot: 650 grams Milk: 4 cups Ghee: 4 teaspoons ..

Apple crumbled cake

Craving for something sweet? Have apple crumble cake

Apple crumble cake works as a tasty snack or a dessert. Here is how to make it. Ingredients Stage 1 Apples: 3 nos Sugar: 200 ..

corn recipe

Hot and sweet creamy corn-cheese will go well with tea or coffee

This is a hot and sweet snack recipe that will go well with evening tea or coffee. Here is how to make corn-cheese. Ingredients ..

falafel pita sandwich

Falafel pita sandwich is a vegetarian’s favourite

Falafel pita sandwich is a major item in Mediterranean restaurants. It is a vegetarian’s favourite. With a bit of effort, you ..


Here is a special tea time snack made with wheat flour and chicken

Here is a snack using wheat flour and chicken that you can have with hot tea or coffee. Ingredients Wheat flour: 1 cup Salt: As ..

Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara bhara kabab is a great vegetarian snack

Prepared using potatoes, spinach and green peas, hara bhara kabab is a great vegetarian snack. It can also double up as a starter. ..


Make doughnuts with sweet potatoes

Doughnuts are popular among sweet tooths. Here is how you can make doughnuts with sweet potatoes. It is very easy. Ingredients Sweet ..

cornflakes mixture

Munch on corn flakes mixture made at home

Mixture is a very popular snack. Here is how to make its corn flakes version at home with minimal effort. Ingredients Corn flakes: ..

snake gourd seed

Did you know that snake gourd seeds can make tasty pakoda?

We all use snake gourd to make stir fries and curries. However, we always throw the seeds and the mushy part that covers the seeds ..


Munch on homemade crispy murukku

Crispy murukku is one of the best snack items to have with tea or coffee. Here is how to make it at home. Ingredients Rice flour: ..

Curd curry
Simple curd curry recipe for a quick lunch
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kappa vada
Make crispy vada using tapioca

Here is how to make crispy vada using tapioca. Ingredients Tapioca: 2 nos (medium ..