Oreo pudding

Oreo lovers’ paradise

Do you have a packet of Oreo biscuits and a Dairy milk with you? Here is a very ..

Mango biscuit pudding
Savour a Mango delight
Chicken pops
Chicken pops for evening tea
Jiji's style of cake making is gaining popularity
Chicken fritters

Chicken fritters and tea make a good pair; here's the recipe

For a crispy snack with the tea, we can try making chicken fritters. It is a non-veg variety of the traditional snack 'Vada' ..

Cheesy chicken packets

Cheesy chicken packets, a snack to impress everyone

We can try a lip-smacking snack recipe to add colour to Eid celebrations. Cheesy chicken packets will be loved by both children and ..


Spice up tea break with Falafel, the super tasty snack from middle east

After a tiring day, everyone loves to have a cup of tea with a tasty snack in the evening. Here is a delicious middle eastern fast ..


Enjoy Iftar with dry fruit Samosa

During Ramzan, most of the people will be thinking about making each Iftar party special. Let’s try a crunchy and sweet dry fruit ..


Enjoy mango fritters with tea

With the summer, the season of mango has begun in Kerala. Let’s make crispy and spicy mango fritters or ‘Mambazha pori’ ..


Make crispy and tasty cutlets with paneer

Cutlets are a top snack that is lived by most people. Here is a variety exclusively for the vegetarians – paneer cutlet. Ingredients ..


Snack on crispy and tasty potato wedges

Here is how to make potato wedges that can be a substitute to potato chips. Ingredients Potatoes: 500 grams Kashmiri chilli: 1 ..


Make crispy potato chips right at home

Potato chips is a favourite snack among all age groups. Here is how to make crispy potato chips right at home. Ingredients Potato: ..


Plumcake without eggs for a light breakfast

Most of the time, the best cakes are also the simplest to prepare, such as egg-free coffee plumcakes. Greedy, healthy and genuine. ..

drumstick fry

Have you tried fried drumsticks?

We all know about the health benefits of drumsticks and have had it as curry and stir fry. Here is how you can enjoy fried drumsticks ..

Two simple restaurant-style refreshing Mojitos
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