Pickles offer a great chance to experiment with varieties of ingredients. Here is an easy pickle recipe that uses the healthy papaya.


  1. Papaya: 1 kg (thinly sliced)
  2. Ginger: 50 grams (thinly sliced)
  3. Garlic: 25 grams (thinly sliced)
  4. Carrot: 250 grams (thinly sliced)
  5. Pickle powder: 50 grams
  6. Birds eye chilli: 25 grams
  7. Vinegar: 100 ml
  8. Sugar: 1 tablespoon
  9. Salt: As per taste
  10. Water: boiled (as per requirement)

How to prepare

In a large pot, mix the papaya, carrot, ginger and garlic along with chilli powder and pickle powder. Pour in boiled water to cover the ingredients. Add in the birds eye chilli, vinegar, salt and sugar. Mix well. For added kick, soak the birds eye chilli in vinegar for a few hours and add it into the mix. Add more chilli powder if required. Papaya pickle is ready.

Keep the pickle refrigerated in glass jars for longer life.