Pickles are very common in every household and lime pickle is particularly good because it is tangy and hot at the same time. But try this masala and spicy pickle to tickle your tastebuds.

Leena Ramdass

1. Lemon 1 kg
2. Salt 250 gm
3. Cloves 10 gm
4. Cumin seeds 50 gm
5. Big Cardamom 50 gm
6. Pepper 25 gm
7. Ayamodakam (celery) 25 gm
8. Asafoetida a small piece
9. Chilly powder
10. Lime juice

Keep the lemons in hot water for 2 hours. Then clean it dry and cut it into 4 pieces. Coarse grind the masalas and add it to the lemon. Store it in a bottle and place under the sun for a week. Shake the bottle every day. Then add lime juice. Keep it under the sun for 2 or three days. Cherunaranga masala achar is hot and spicy.