The Diwali hangover is not yet done with. If you are still craving sweets, try the super delicious Rasmalai. This Bengali dish will sure win your heart.


  1. Rasgula – 1 tin
  2. Milk -  3 cup
  3. Cardamom – 8 no
  4. Kewra essence/Rose water – ½ tsp
  5. Saffron – 2 pinch
  6. Almond, skin removed – A handful
  7. Pistachio, chopped - A handful
  8. Sugar – Accordingly


  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Add two teaspoons of water and three cups of milk.
  • When it boils, add saffron, cardamom and almonds.
  • Lower the flame and stir well so as not to boil the milk. 
  • Add sugar, rose water and stir.
  • Remove from flame.
  • Take each rasgulas and press between palms to remove excess water.
  • Add the rasgulas to the milk mixture and garnish with pistachios.

Indulge and get lost in the mouthwatering taste of rasmalai.