Kesar Halwa or Rava Kesari is a sweet dish that is a must-have during the Durga Puja festivities. Even though it is the special dish of Himachal Pradesh it is popular in south India too.


Saffron (Kesar) – A pinch

Sooji (Rava) – 1 cup

Ghee – 1 cup

Milk – 3 cups

Cashew nuts and Raisins - Accordingly

Sugar – 1 ½ cups

Cardamom powder – A pinch


Soak the Saffron (Kesar) in ½ cup of hot milk and let it rest until it releases the colour.  Heat a little ghee in a small skillet over medium heat. Roast cashew nuts until crisp and golden brown. Add the raisins and saute until it puffs up and turn off the heat. Keep this aside.

In another saucepan, boil rest of the milk along with water. Add sugar, cardamom powder, saffron milk and keep it in simmer. Roast the rava with ghee in a heavy bottomed pan. After the rava has roasted, gradually add the milk mixture into the rava.

Keep stirring for at least 5 minutes until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Once done, stir in the roasted cashew nuts and raisins and combine.