North Indian

Spicy egg curry in Maharashtra style

Are you looking to add some variety to your egg curry? Here is how to make egg curry ..

aloo gobi recipe
Here is how to make restaurant style aloo gobi at home
Make masala-filled chapatis like this and you won’t need a curry
 butter chicken
Make creamy, tasty butter chicken using pressure cooker
pav bhaji

Missing pav bhaji during lockdown? Make it at home with raw banana

Street food lovers will be missing their favourite dishes during the lockdown to prevent coronavirus. One such dish is pav bhaji. Fret ..


Aloo-paneer-mattar is a vegetarian’s delight

Here is how to make fantastic Aloo-paneer-mattar or potato-paneer-fresh peas curry Ingredients Potato: 1 nos (finely chopped) Mattar ..


Who said kebabs are only for non-vegetarians?

When you hear the word kebab, what comes to mind is meat being cooked on a skewer on a grill or in an oven. But who said that kebabs ..


Green chilli-fish tikka will make dinner fancy

Fish lovers have a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Green chilli-fish tikka is a recipe for those who want something different ..

hyderabadi biriyani

Indians order 95 biryanis per minute from us, says Swiggy

New Delhi: Indians ordered on an average 95 biryanis per minute or 1.6 biryanis every second from Swiggy in 2019, the online food delivery ..


Jadavpur University working with WB govt for increasing shelf life of 'Banglar Rosogolla'

Kolkata: Jadavpur University's Food Technology department is collaborating with West Bengal government for increasing shelf life ..


Mesmerising mutton soup

Mutton can be used to make several classy dishes. One simple preparation is the famous mutton soup. Here is how to make it. Ingredients ..

Yam masala

Here is how to cook the classic Do-Piyazah Zameenqand

Yam is one of the much overlooked item readily available in our country that is tasty and healthy. Do-Piyazah Zameenqand is slow-cooked ..

lamb and vegetable soup

Enjoy mutton like a Mughal emperor with Aash-e-Nakhudi

Aash-e-Nakhudi is a thick sweetened lamb and vegetable soup that is a traditional dish prepared by the Mughals. Here is the recipe ..

ms dhoni

MS Dhoni hotel in West Bengal feeds fans for free

Kolkata: If you love M.S. Dhoni and happen to be at Shambhu Bose's restaurant, chances are you might not even have to foot a bill ..

Parliament House bans washing of utensils, lunch boxes
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