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Golden modak

Maharashtra bakery sells ‘Golden Modak’ on Ganesh Chaturthi for Rs 12000 per kg

Maharashtra: The celebrations in Maharashtra for Ganesh Chaturthi is quite famous ..

Prawns fry
Tandoori prawns - a delicious experiment
Chicken fry
Give a North Indian touch to lunch with Kasuri Methi flavoured chicken fry
Grilled bell pepper salad - have this healthy, tasty salad variety

Dum aloo is a great combination with rice, chapati and roti

Dum Aloo or Aloor Dum is a potato based dish that is a part of the traditional Kashmiri Pandit cuisine. It is a good combination with ..

mutton recipes

Nalli Nihari is a variety mutton dish you need to try

Nalli Nihari is different from the regular mutton dishes out there. Here is how to make it Ingredients Mutton: 1 kg (chopped with ..

Almond Barfi

5 tasty substitutes to Diwali sweets

New Delhi: Isnt this the most exciting time of the year, binging on delicious food and enjoying the fun festive feel? However, sometimes ..


Spicy egg curry in Maharashtra style

Are you looking to add some variety to your egg curry? Here is how to make egg curry in Maharashtra style. Ingredients Eggs: 5 ..

aloo gobi recipe

Here is how to make restaurant style aloo gobi at home

Aloo gobi is a traditional dish using potato and cauliflower which is very popular among vegetarians. Here is how to make restaurant ..


Make masala-filled chapatis like this and you won’t need a curry

Chapati is a healthier alternative but it requires a curry to go along. Here is a masala-filled chapati that does not need curry. ..

 butter chicken

Make creamy, tasty butter chicken using pressure cooker

Butter chicken is a very popular dish. Here is how you can prepare creamy and tasty butter chicken with the help of a pressure cooker ..

Rogan Josh - the Kashmiri mutton curry

Rogan Josh - the Kashmiri mutton curry

Ingredients ½ kg mutton - cut into pieces ½ cup yogurt brown onion paste – some 3 onions - sliced, deep fried ..

vermicelli masala

'Sewaiyan' in short supply, biryani with 'kathal' on Eid

Lucknow: 'Sewaiyan', an essential delicacy on Eid, is in short supply in Lucknow due to the lockdown. While the thick variety ..

pav bhaji

Missing pav bhaji during lockdown? Make it at home with raw banana

Street food lovers will be missing their favourite dishes during the lockdown to prevent coronavirus. One such dish is pav bhaji. Fret ..

Golden modak
Maharashtra bakery sells ‘Golden Modak’ on Ganesh Chaturthi for Rs 12000 per kg
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