Maladdu in a sweet shop in Kalpathi

Palakkad: It looks hard, feels smooth when touched, and melts instantly in mouth… it’s ‘Maladdu’, the Tamil confectionary that conquered the hearts of Malayalis.

Though it has some Tamil connections, Maladdu can be found aplenty in the streets of Palakkad in Kerala. One can easily find Maladdu in the sweet shops in Kalpathi in Palakkad.

L. V. Guruvayurappan, a shopkeeper in Kalpathi streets, opined that Maladdu has been added in the list of sweetmeats in Kalpathi for more than 20 years. The name ‘Maladdu’ derived from ‘Maa Laddu’ which means the laddu made by mom.

The elderly people opine that the Maladdu might have reached Kalpathi, which maintains a culture that have Tamil roots, from Tirunelveli. Old generation is of the opinion that the making of Maladdu requires more skill and perfection than making Rava Laddu.

Maladdu is completely made using ghee. Main ingredient is roasted gram. First, roasted gram is fried in low flame and removed from flame before its colour is changed. Then it is ground finely with sugar. This is mixed with cashew and cardamom and rolled into balls adding melted ghee.

The laddu will lose its unique taste and texture in case of any slight change in the proportion of ingredients or making process. The Maladdu made for festivals like Diwali is garnished with almonds.

A tightly rolled Maladdu weighs about 60 grams. The ones sold in the shops follows this measurement. Price of Maladdu starts from Rs 20 per piece.