Karkidaka Kanji is a medicinal rice porridge, a traditional item of Kerala during the monsoon season.  It helps in boosting the immune system promoting health and has been part of our food since long back.


1. Navara rice/Red rice/Matta raw rice any of these can be used to make normal porridge.

2. Indian doab or Bahama grass (Karuka), Lilac tassel flower (Muyal Cheviyan), Mountain knotgrass (Cheroola), Little ironweed (Poovamkurunnila), Gale of the wind (Keezharnelli), Punarnava (Thazhuthama), Chaff flower (Cherukadaladi), Bala plant (Kurunthotti) root and Sikerpud (Mukkutti) – wash these properly and mash them.

3. Fenugreek (Uluva), Cress (Aashali), Match box bean (Kakkumkaya) – powder these and add to the porridge.

4. Wrap the mashed ingredients in item 2 in a clean cloth and dip it in the porridge for some time.

5. For taste add cumin seeds and onion fried in ghee. If needed scrape some coconut and add.

6. Add salt for taste and serve.