The ready-to-fry round pappadams is anybody’s favourite in Kerala and once you hear the name, you think of these wafer-thin disc shaped breads made of black gram being deep fried in oil.  But wait. This special pappadam is called Kalpathy pappadam, which is completely different from the usual ones. There is no need of oil to fry these tiny pappadams.

Kalpathy pappadam is spiceless and is made of sabudana (tapioca pearl).  There are as many as 20 varieties of these pappadams available.

Purely manufactured organically with no urad dhal or maida, these pappadams are round but small in size.

Thakali pappadam (Tomato pappadam), Vattal Mulagu Padppadam (dry chillies), Velluthulli Pappadam (garlic), Cheese pappadam, Cheera and beetroot Pappadam (spinach, beetroot), Carrot pappadam and other flavours are available.

Sam and Srerag had tried to make organically made pappadams in the age where ready-to-eat crispy items are changing the daily lifestyles.

A 250 gram packet of Kalpathy pappadam costs Rs 100 and as many as 200 pappadams can be fried.  What is special is that it can be fried without oil. At present, these pappadams are available only through fairs.  The duo plans to bring these special pappadams very soon in the market.