mutton liver varattiyad

Mutton liver fry is a star on the dining table

Mutton liver is a favorite among food lovers and is a star on the dining table. Here ..

Pan fried fish
koonthal roast
Squid roast
Pork – a polarising dish
Crab Ularath

Spicy crab fry

Crab is one of the favorite dish of foodies in Kerala. Though it is a bit difficult to cook, crab meat tastes great. Here is a spicy ..


Made in Kerala cashew feni on the anvil

Thiruvananthapuram: Thanks to the initiative of the Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Limited (KSCDC), it will not be long ..

fish tikka

Healthy fish tikka

Fish is an integral part of Malayalis diet. Rather than having fish as a curry or fry in the typical style, add a healthy twist with ..

chicken curd roast

Mouth-watering chicken curd roast

Chicken is a versatile meat that can create mouth-watering dishes without a fuss. Here is how to make chicken curd roast Ingredients ..


Crispy and tasty pakodas with natholi

Natholi (Anchovy) is very popular among fish lovers. Here is how you can make crispy and tasty pakodas with natholi Ingredients ..


Give your chicken roast a fresh twist with coriander leaves

Chicken is one of the most popular varieties of non-veg items out there. Here is a quick and easy way to prepare chicken roast with ..

duck curry

This traditional duck curry recipe is so easy you would want to try it

Similar to chicken, duck is a delicacy of non-vegetarians. Several people visit Kuttanad to taste their traditional duck dishes. Here ..


Make ‘Papad Chammanthi’ within no time for lunch

Be it fried or roasted, ‘Papad’ is an unavoidable and inseparable dish at the dining table of malayalies. Now, it’s ..

pidiem kozhi

Try the Kottayam special Pidi and Chicken Curry

Pidi and Chicken is one of the most popular combination among the Kottayam natives. Be it any festivities, Pidi and Chicken will assemble ..

Tapioca Dosa

Giving a new twist to the traditional dishes, try Tapioca Dosa

Tapioca is one of the most common food item found in our households. Tapioca Dosa is undoubtedly one of the healthiest and tastiest ..

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