Chicken-pepper piralan will spice up your dining table

We all crave something spicy from time to time and chicken is one of the easiest ..

Did you know that shallots and cashew nuts can make a tasty curry?
Fail-safe spicy-chicken recipe for novices in kitchen
tomato soup
Enjoy the rain sipping tomato soup
Narendra Modi

Kerala food for Narendra Modi at Ernakulam guest house

Kochi: Kerala food was served for dinner for Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he reached the Ernakulam guest house on Friday night ..


Check out the traditionally spicy Chicken Pepper Piralan

There are several spicy chicken dishes made in the traditional Kerala style. Chicken Pepper Piralan is one such dish that is easy to ..


A mouth-watering curry using shallots and tamarind

The main ingredients in this dish are more often seen as taste enhancers in other dishes; but they pack a punch. Here is a simple and ..

fish curry

There is nothing like fish curry prepared in clay pot

Dishes cooked in clay pots have a special taste. If its fish curry, there is nothing like it. Here is a mouth-watering fish curry recipe ..

sunflower chicken

Ramadan special: Sunflower chicken bread

This Ramadan season, adorn your table with yet another fancy looking dish- sunflower chicken bread. Although it looks very sophisticated, ..

Beetroot fry

Beetroot pan fry is a healthy side dish

Beetroot is a polarising root vegetable. Some people love it while others hate it. But one thig is for sure it’s healthy. Here ..


How to make prawn tawa fry better than restaurants

Prawns are a delicacy and a highlight at any dining table. Here is how to make prawn fry spiced up with pepper, cumin and fennel that ..


Egg in spinach and almond gravy is yummy as it sounds

You might have heard of several egg dishes including egg masala, egg tikka masala and spicy egg fry. Here is how to add a creamy, rich ..

Wayanadan chicken fry

Wayanadan chicken fry trending after Rahul Gandhi savoured it

The Malabar region in Kerala is known for its unique cuisine. It is popular for the rich flavours, aromas, and ingredients present ..


Masala-veg puttu is healthier and tastier

Malayalis love their puttu (steamed rice cakes) for breakfast. What if you can add some healthy twits to this traditional breakfast ..

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