pidiem kozhi

Try the Kottayam special Pidi and Chicken Curry

Pidi and Chicken is one of the most popular combination among the Kottayam natives ..

Tapioca Dosa
Giving a new twist to the traditional dishes, try Tapioca Dosa
Introducing herbal chamanthi; this fest turns yummy feast of traditional taste
Ramassery idli stays alive here to enliven taste buds of foodies

Have you heard of Idukki special Beef Bone Curry?

Bones, either be it of chicken or beef or anything, we throw it away. But the people of Idukki have a special item called the ‘Ellucurry’ ..

Fish special

Heard of Muvattupuzha special dish called Puliyila?

Puliyila or the tamarind leaves are seen in our courtyards. We use tamarind for cooking but the leaves are usually abandoned. Well, ..

Carrot puttu

Confused what to serve to a diabetic person? Try Carrot Puttu

Puttu is one of the recipe that can be easily made at home. Many varieties are usually tried in puttu. If you have a diabetic person ..


The mouthwatering Vegetable Uthappam

Break apart from the daily routine breakfast dishes of idli and dosa and try the tasty vegetable uthappam. This easy to make recipe ..


‘Maladdu’: The mom-made laddu in Kalpathi with Tamil roots

Palakkad: It looks hard, feels smooth when touched, and melts instantly in mouth… it’s ‘Maladdu’, the Tamil ..

Idiyappam biriyani

Love Biriyani? Innovate it with Idiyappam

Are you a biriyani lover looking to break out from the cliché? Well there is good news for you. We are here bringing you an ..