Enjoy the rain with this mixed vegetable soup

The rainy season is here and so are health issues. Here is a healthy and nutritious ..

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Have you tried fried quail?
Forget chicken and mutton, here is a tender jackfruit 65 recipe
Use this recipe and try something different with potato and cauliflower

Hibiscus flower stir fry is an exciting lockdown experiment

We all know the herbal powers of hibiscus flowers and most of us use it as a beauty enhancer. But this flower can be used to make a ..


This is how you can make fish curry without fish

Fish is a delicacy in Kerala but is more or less unavailable in the state following lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic ..


113 metric tonnes of stale fish seized within 12 days

Thiruvananthapuram: Health minister K K Shailaja said that the 'Operation Sagar Rani' initiated by the food safety department ..


No virus can beat hunger; food delivery boys are busy during lockdown

When all are staying inside their households fearing coronavirus, there are some people who never fail to give you what you want to ..


Brinjal-basil immunity booster stir fry

Both brinjal and basil are great immunity boosters. Here is a recipe that combines the goodness of both. Ingredients Brinjal: 2 ..


Have jackfruit in your backyard? Make aviyal

Jackfruit is a versatile ingredient that can be turned into a variety of food products. Here is an aviyal recipe that uses jackfruit, ..


Spinach-green gram soup can improve immunity

During these testing times of coronavirus pandemic, improving immunity is crucial. Here is a soup recipe to help you do just that. ..


Easy jackfruit seed stir-fry

Jackfruit is a versatile ingredient that can be turned into a variety of food items based on your preference. Jackfruit seeds are a ..


Creamy and yummy grape curry

We all know grape juice, shakes and wine but how many of us can make a curry with grapes? Here is a sweet and sour curry recipe. Ingredients ..


Can tender banana leaves make a healthy and tasty stir fry?

We all know that banana flower and banana stem can be used to make stir fries and curries. But do you know that the tender banana leaves ..

Oats omelette is healthy, tasty and filling
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