Kozhikode's Valiyangadi to have a makeover as night food street by May 2022

Kozhikode: Kozhikode's Valiyangadi is all set to have a makeover with night food ..

Uthappam: A new-gen Dosa for breakfast
Kappa Biriyani
Christmas special stellar Kappa Biriyani
Eggless potato omelette is a must-try for vegetarians
french toast

Eggless French Toast for vegetarians

French toasts need not have to be made with eggs always. For vegetarians who would like to have french toasts can try this variety ..

Pasta Payasam

Satisfy your sweet cravings with 3 varieties of Payasam

Payasam finds a dedicated space in the traditional lunch during any festival. Payasam is made in myriad ways throughout India. Here ..

Fish fry

Classic Kerala style ‘Meen chuttulli’: A bliss to the palate

Keralites have several finger-licking fish fry recipes out of which this authentic ‘Meen Chuttulli’ or shallot seasoned ..


How about an egg salad?

Salads need not be full of fruits or vegetables chopped up. You can add the versatile egg to make it bold and filling. Here is how ..


Green peppercorn shrimp fry to spice up your meals

Shrimp is the favourite of all non-vegetarians and seafood lovers. Now try a different shrimp dish enriched with green peppercorn and ..

Masala curry

Spicy traditional masala curry for Chapati, Appam

Spicy masala curry is one of the most familiar dishes of Keralites. It suits well with Appam, chapati, Pathiri, vellappam, etc. Ingredients ..

Berry up

Make Berry Up in 2 minutes

Fruitbae’s berry up is the showstopper of the day. But this item can be made in your house just in two minutes. Ingredients ..

Karkidaka kanji

Have healthy 'Karkkidaka Kanji' during monsoon

Karkkidaka Kanji, a medicinal rice porridge, is a traditional item of Kerala that is consumed during the monsoon season. Here is the ..

Coriander-egg chutney

Boiled Egg with green chutney just in 2 minutes

Many of us have a boiled eggs in the morning before rushing to the office, college or school. Try this variety boiled egg recipe which ..

Broken wheat payasam

Healthy broken wheat payasam for dessert

Enjoy a delicious and healthy payasam for the dessert. Ingredients Broken wheat - 2 cup Jaggery - 400 gram Ghee - 3 tbsp Cardamom- ..

Blackberry cream pudding
Blackberry cream pudding to melt your heart
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