Chilly prawn curry

Here is an easy recipe to prepare chilly prawn curry. Ingredients Prawns: 300 ..

Beef with raw banana is a classic
Making banana halva is easier than you think
Like papaya? make delicious jam in minutes

100 Fish Recipes – A book to satisfy your craving for fish

Keralites are known for their fondness for fish delicacies. The traditional fish recipes as well as modern dishes have a special place ..


Green tomato curry

Here is how to make a tasty curry using unripe green tomatoes. Ingredients Green tomatoes: 250 grams (finely sliced) Grated coconut: ..


Okra with scrambled eggs is a naughty combination

Ingredients Shallots: 5 nos (crushed) Egg: 2 nos Milk: 1 teaspoon Okra (must be very tender): 12-15 nos (finely sliced) Salt: ..

tender coconut payasam

Try this tender coconut payasam recipe

Tender coconut is nature’s own health drink. Here is how to turn it into a tasty payasam. Ingredients Tender coconut: 3 nos ..


Sear fish in style with this recipe

Seared fish is a healthier alternative to fried fish. Here are two failproof ways to prepare seared fish. The recipe is the same, only ..


From nurse to cookies-specialist: Sreelekha’s cookies turn a star in Onam market

Sreelekha, a native of Adatt in Thrissur is all set to treat Thrissurites with yummy cookies. A nurse by profession, Sreelekha resigned ..

angamaly idli

‘Angamaly Idli’ sets a new sensation

There are many food items like ‘Kozhikodan Halwa’, ‘Manjali Biriyani’ and so on which is popular and named ..

Fish smoked in tamarind leaf paste

Old-school fish smoked in tamarind leaf paste will take you back to nature

Tamarind leaves were a part of the diet of generations before us, not because they all knew the medicinal value, but all of them at ..

kappa biriyani

Legendary Kappa Biriyani (tapioca biriyani) recipe

Kappa Biriyani is a street food legend. A traditional dish, it is a delicacy among Christian families in southern Kerala and is mostly ..

Peanut masala thoran

Peanut masala stir fry will conquer taste buds

Stir fries are easy to cook and taste great. They also open up new doors for experiments using different ingredients and spices. Here ..

Quick and easy banana flower vada (vazhakkoombu vada)
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chicken chukka
Chicken Chukka

When exploring different tastes, chicken would be the most experimented among the ..