Berry up

Make Berry Up in 2 minutes

Fruitbae’s berry up is the showstopper of the day. But this item can be made ..

Karkidaka kanji
Have healthy 'Karkkidaka Kanji' during monsoon
Coriander-egg chutney
Boiled Egg with green chutney just in 2 minutes
Broken wheat payasam
Healthy broken wheat payasam for dessert
veg soup

Sip sizzling hot veg soup in Monsoon

The monsoon has already taken over its charge. It’s chilling outside. So, stay calm at your house and have some hot and sour ..

Kollam iddili

Chef Suresh Pillai’s special recipe - Kollam style Idli

What a mouth-watering kind of Idli! Ginger, green chillies and curry leaves boiled in Portia leaves (Poovarasu in Malayalam). Served ..


When ‘Arabian Kunafa’ changed lives of two Keralite sisters

Kochi: All Sonam wanted as a gift was ‘Arabian Kunafa’ when her sister was returning from the Middle East. Sanam, Sonam’s ..

Garam masala

How to make home-made garam masala?

Garam masala is a spice mixture commonly used in Indian cuisine. It is used in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Though it ..

Fish fry

Green peppercorn-flavoured red snapper fish fry for lunch

Fish fry is a weakness of food lovers in Kerala. Here is a lip smacking recipe of red snapper (Chemballi in Malayalam) fish fry flavoured ..

Pineapple pickle

Make pineapple pickle to add a sweet twist to lunch

Pickles are ideal side dish for lunch. We try to make pickles using all possible vegetables and fruits. Pineapple pickle can be a different ..

Yadhu Pazhayidam

No milk in payasams with jaggery; Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboothiri shares tips through YouTube channel

Kottayam: Though no feast and festival is allowed during lockdown, renowned chef Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboothiri is busy introducing ..

Beef roast

Easy recipe to make beef roast

Beef roast is a delicious dish. But not many would try it thinking it is a complicated recipe. Those who are too lazy to go for such ..

Curd curry

Simple curd curry recipe for a quick lunch

It would be very convenient if we knew easy recipes. Here is a simple but delicious curd curry recipe for preparing a quick lunch. ..


Have you tried chicken with tender jackfruit and black pepper leaves?

Chicken is a versatile ingredient that is used to make a wide variety of dishes. But have you tried chicken with tender jackfruit leaves? ..

Netholi pickle
Spicy, mouth-watering ‘Netholi pickle’ makes your meals perfect
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