fish curry

There is nothing like fish curry prepared in clay pot

Dishes cooked in clay pots have a special taste. If its fish curry, there is nothing ..

sunflower chicken
Ramadan special: Sunflower chicken bread
Beetroot fry
Beetroot pan fry is a healthy side dish
How to make prawn tawa fry better than restaurants

Masala-veg puttu is healthier and tastier

Malayalis love their puttu (steamed rice cakes) for breakfast. What if you can add some healthy twits to this traditional breakfast ..


Easy and spicy egg pepper masala

Egg is a versatile ingredient. It is the go to item when trying to make a quick curry or side dish. Eggs can be used to make snacks ..

Pepper Chicken

Pepper chicken is tasty and spicy at the same time

Chicken is one of the most popular forms of meat in the world. For those who like it spicy, pepper chicken is a go to dish. Here is ..

PalakMutta Thoran

Palak spinach with scrambled eggs is tasty, healthy and easy

Everyone loves a good side dish. If it’s healthy and easy to cook, there is nothing like it. Palak spinach with scrambled eggs ..


Spicy and sour fish curry with Kudam Puli

Fish is a delicacy for Malayalees and is a must on the dining table. A wide range of dishes can be prepared using fish. Here is how ..

egg mezhukkpurati

Pan fried eggs with potato is a side-dish full of variety

Egg is a versatile ingredient that can be prepared in a wide verity of ways. Here is how to make a pan fried eggs and potato that can ..

mutton liver varattiyad

Mutton liver fry is a star on the dining table

Mutton liver is a favorite among food lovers and is a star on the dining table. Here is an easy dry fried mutton liver recipe sure ..


Pan fried fish

Pan frying beef or chicken is great. Have you ever tried pan fried fish? If you can be careful not to let the fish break down into ..

koonthal roast

Squid roast

Roasted squid claims its own space on the dining table. It’s easy to cook and guaranteed to taste great. Here is how to make ..


Pork – a polarising dish

Pork is a meat variety that polarises opinion. Some love it while others hate it. Here is how to make pork with coconut chunks in the ..

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