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Kids will love this snack – onion rings

Kids will always demand variety in their snacks. Here is a snack item that will ensure ..

egg recipe
Turn quail eggs into spicy lollipops, kids will love it
Egg muffins will make your kids want to eat more
Do you know how to make laddu with paneer?

Making chocolate bounty bars at home is easier than you think

Bounty chocolates are one of the favourites of every sweet tooth. Here is how to make these delicious chocolate bars at home. Ingredients ..


Swetha Mohan shares mother-in-law’s special mango fantasy pudding recipe

Singer Swetha Mohan has shared her favourite fantasy mango pudding recipe prepared by her mother-in-law Padmaja. Here is how to make ..


Make chocolate at home in just 20 minutes

Everyone likes chocolate and here is how you can make it at home in just 20 minutes. Ingredients Cocoa powder: 2 cups Sugar: 1/2 ..


Mango dessert will melt in your mouth

Here is a dessert recipe using mango and tender coconut that will melt in your mouth. Ingredients Mango: 1 nos (ripe, peeled and ..

beetroot rice

Here is a beetroot rice recipe to make kids eat more

Most moms and dads know the struggle of making children eat food properly. One trick is to give them a variety of foods so that the ..


You need to try this chocolate chips cookie recipe

With a bit of effort, you can make tasty and healthy chocolate chips cookies right at home. Here is how. Ingredients Maida: 2 ¼ ..

Jackfruit ice cream

Make jackfruit ice cream at home

Its easy, its tasty. Here is how to make jackfruit ice cream at home Ingredients Ripe jackfruit: 1 cup (only the flesh) Milk: ..


Cool yourself down with jackfruit ice cream

Lockdown has made us realise the value and versatility of jackfruit. Here is how to make ice cream using jackfruit. Ingredients ..

ice cream

Homemade papaya ice cream is healthy and delicious

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Here is an easy recipe to make papaya ice cream right at home. Ingredients Papaya (ripe): 1 cup ..


This omelette is healthy and filling enough to be your kid’s tiffin

This omelette with wheat and vegetables is healthy and filling enough to be your kid’s tiffin on a regular basis. Ingredients ..

Enjoy mango fritters with tea
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