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Make chocolate ice cream right at home

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Here is a recipe for you to make chocolate ice ..

Beetroot rice
Beetroot rice is nutritious, tasty and vibrant
key lime pie
This Christmas, let Key Lime Pie fill your dessert table
Masala Kozhukatta
Make masala Kozhukatta to treat your kids

Phirni, the sweet pudding

Known as Phirni or Firni, this unique dish is similar to Kheer. It is one of the best item that can be served for dessert. Ingredients ..

Crispy Fried Chicken

Crispy Fried Chicken

Chicken is one of the inevitable food item in our daily life. Remember the crispy fried chicken of KFC. Well, it’s not that hard ..

Pizza cups

Pizza Cup

Children go crazy over pizzas. Pizza cups are miniature forms of pizzas with same taste that can be easily prepared at home. Ingredients ..

noodles cutlet

Noodles Cutlet

Everyone loves cutlet. You might have eaten cutlets made of chicken, beef and vegetables. But have you eaten one with noodles? Usually ..

Japanese cheese cake

Japanese cheesecake

Soft, fluffy, rich and creamy texture defines Japanese cheesecake. Take a nibble and I can vouch that you will die for it. Ingredients ..


Egg Muffins

Egg muffins are ideal recipe for breakfast to break out from the daily routine dishes. This healthy and easy to make recipe will be ..

Chicken soup

Chicken soup

Juices are for summer, while soups are for the rainy season. Soup is tasty as well as healthy. Ingredients 1. Chicken -1/2 Kilo ..

spicy egg fry

Hot and Spicy Fried Eggs

Quick and easy recipe of fried eggs can be tried when you are done with the cliché bullseye and omelette recipes. Ingredients ..


Tapioca Egg Masala

This dish is something which you would have never experimented. Serve it to your kids when they return from schools. It is easy to ..

Egg Salad

Protein rich Egg Salad

Most egg salads are boring, bland, mayo-laden affairs, but try this one, vibrant and fresh. Ingredients Boiled egg – 3nos ..

Quick and easy banana flower vada (vazhakkoombu vada)
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